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Claim a Challenge

If you've made it this far, you only have one more step to go. You've decided the challenge (or challenges) you're going to take on, all that's left, is to email me. Just follow the guidlines below:

Up to two challenges may be claimed and combined for any one fic and, no more than three challenges may be claimed by any one author.

If you are doing a remix, that is your challenge. You're welcome to claim a quote or even a second fic for a remix but you cannot make two remix fics into one giant fic. It goes against the spirt of the remix.


Send an email with the following information:
LJ Username: (If applicable -- or IJ/GJ/whateverjournalsiteyou'reon)
Challenge(s) Claimed:
Permission to assign a Challenge if what I want is taken: Yes/No
If you don't want to be assigned a Challenge, list your backups (up to 5):
Fanfiction or Fanart?:
List me on the list of participants: Yes/No

Regarding the list. All that will go on the list is your LJ username and the challenge you have claimed. , unless you don't want that listed. Basically what the listing is for is to show who's writing what in an easy-to-find list.

If your challenge or challenges have already been taken, I will email you as soon as possible (and, I'll keep the challenge page updated once a day at the very least) for you to find an alternate challenge, or challenges to claim. Also, feel free to add a "second choice" in your list, just in case your first choice has already been taken.

Claim a Challenge

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