A Star Night

Author: EnchantedOnyx
Rating: NC-17
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Challenge & Summary: Full Moon #6: Joining the "mile high club" (either on the motorcycle or a broom).

“Hey Moony, check this out!” Sirius chuckled, tossing a magazine at the young man across the room.

Remus looked up from his textbook and scanned the article that was lying open on his lap. “It’s a parody about flying in Muggle airplanes, Sirius. You interrupted my studying for that? Besides, the Muggles are afraid to fly right now; with all the hijackings.”

“Noooo! The part about the “Mile High Club”

“The what?”

“The Muggles. They have sex in the plane bathroom while it’s flying. Doesn’t that sound like fun?”

Remus finally looked up into his lover’s flashing gray eyes. //Oh God// he thought //this could be trouble.// “Well, Sirius, I suppose that the thrill of possibly getting caught shagging would be enticing, but airplane loos are very small, it would be extremely uncomfortable, not to mention-don’t you remember how embarrassed you were when James caught us last month? Besides…we’re wizards, we have no reason to ever be on a plane. We apparate when we need to go somewhere. And not even you can finish in the time it takes to portkey” Sirius looked sulky as Remus reached over and brushed a lock of dark hair out of his eyes. “Sorry, love. Maybe someday we’ll fly somewhere and we can join the mile high club”

Sirius sat in silence for a moment before his face broke into a broad grin. “Moony! You forgot about the bike!”

“Oh Padfoot, no!”


A month had passed since their discussion about the mile high club and being nineteen year wizards in 1979 many other strange conversations had come and gone since. Remus was fairly certain that his boyfriend had forgotten all about it. He was quite pleased to emerge from a night class at his university to find Sirius waiting for him on the motorcycle.

He sat quietly astride the huge beast, revving the engine at admirers and winking fathomless flint-hued eyes at young university coeds as they walked by. Full motorcycle leather and dangerously long locks of ebony hair made him appear every inch the devil.

“Sirius Orion Black!” Remus hissed as he dropped his text and notebook into the deep saddlebag before climbing on behind him. “Quit flirting!”

“Oh Remus,” squealed a cute brunette, “Is that yours?”

“Unfortunately,” he smiled, wrapping arms around Sirius’ torso. “The bike comes with him.” The girl blushed furiously as she realized that Remus was claiming ownership of Sirius. A slight giggle escaped her throat. “Goodnight, Giselle, I’ll see you next week.” Remus called as Sirius put the bike into gear and rolled noisily out of the parking lot.

They rode in silence for awhile, the roar of the engines too loud to bother talking over. After leaving the university, Sirius immediately headed for the outskirts of town and the open country roads. The less attention they drew to themselves the better it was for everyone. Their close friends knew they were a couple and Remus had no qualms with showing off his handsome boyfriend to the occasional classmate, but it was not pleasant to have their evening joyride disrupted with nasty comments and dirty names from the bigots on the city streets. The country was more suitable; darker, more private, better for the closeness that riding on the motorcycle afforded them.

A warm breeze blew Sirius’ hair back into his face, filling his nose with the scent of the generous amounts of conditioner he slathered on his midnight locks. Remus nuzzled closer; kissing the pale skin exposed above the collar of the jacket, long fingers slipping under the leather. Heat radiated through soft cotton. Hands slid across his lover, one to Sirius’ chest, the other drifting lower, caressing the hard muscles softened by the buttery leather of the motorcycle chaps.

Completely distracted with touching his lover, Remus didn’t even notice that Sirius had changed gears and switched to flying mode. The gasp caught in his throat as the bike rose from the ground. His grip on the man in front of him tightened, eliciting a moan.

“Mmmmm, nice, Moony,” he grumbled. The flying mechanism was quieter and allowed for a bit more talk.

“Didn’t know we were flying tonight, love.”

“Just keep doing what you were doing, please.” Sirius leveled the bike out and set the cruise control before snuggling back into his lover’s embrace. The scent of lavender and heather flowed over them as they soared among the stars, intoxicating the young men. Remus trailed his fingers back up Sirius’ thigh, squeezing firmly. Following the line of his leg, Remus’ fingers swept upward. Sirius groaned audibly when Remus bit down onto the cords of muscle in the long neck presented and squeezed the already hard bulge in the front of the tight trousers simultaneously.

//Just wait until I get you home// he thought as he stroked his lover through the fabric. Sirius’ breath was coming in ragged gasps while the muscles in his neck strained with the effort to not give in.

“S’okay, love, go with it,” Remus muttered before biting hard on the delicate earlobe in front of him. He had to wonder what Sirius had been doing while he was at class to have him this worked up. Not that he really minded. Sirius was a ready and willing lover at almost any time. When it was near the full moon, Remus knew that he was irritable and demanding in every aspect of his life and that Sirius put up with him admirably. And during a transformation Sirius would do anything for him. Those were moon nights. But now the moon was new, small and dark. The stars were the power in the heavens on this night, just as his star was his power. This was a star night. One of those that seemed to be created just for Sirius; a god amongst the numerous fires, the brightest of them all.

Sirius’ large warm hand stopping his rhythmic press with an exclaimed “No Remus, stop!” startled him out of his reverie. His head snapped up, arms protectively surrounding the torso of his lover. “Sirius, what’s wrong?”

Sirius laughed: the short deep chortle so reminiscent of a dog’s bark. “Nothing. It’s just that it’s probably not a good idea to come in leather trousers. Not too easy to clean. I don’t think scourgify would work.”

“Padfoot, that’s what your pants are for.”

Without another word, Sirius caught his lover’s hand and pushed it down his side under his jacket and around his hip. Remus had been vaguely aware of own steadily growing arousal, but when his fingers came into contact with the bare skin of Sirius’ right buttock he was hard instantly.

“I thought it felt like only skin under there, but damn, Sirius, you have to wear jeans under chaps! What if someone at my uni had seen?”

“They would have seen one fine arse!”

“Fine indeed, but why?”

Sirius adjusted the controls on the bike and turned as much as he could. Remus could see stars reflecting in the pale gray eyes gazing at him. “Mile-high club, Remus. I thought it would be fun and exciting. No one would catch us up here. The more I thought about it, the hornier I got and well, if you don’t want to, I understand, but …” His voice trailed off; sound more unsure on each syllable. Eyes filled with lust, love and stars gazed questioningly at him. //A star night, to be certain// Remus thought// And I’ll be damned if I could deny him anything.// His own prick was pressing insistently against the inside of his jeans. At least part of him seemed to like the idea. Sirius was still turned around, so Remus took the opportunity to lean forward and catch those strawberry lips.

“Sirius, turn around and drive or we’re going to be in Scotland and we both have to work in the morning,” he panted out when they broke apart. His arms were back around his lover and he hastily found the catch and zip on the trousers. Sirius groaned when Remus’ hand found its way inside the tight confines of the leather and wrapped around his cock. With agile deftness, he had worked him free of his garments and continued to pump him slowly.

His werewolf nose was flooded with the waves of adrenaline and pheromones pulsating from the man in front of him. The feel of the smooth, hard cock beneath the palm of his calloused hand coaxed a growl from deep within his throat. The idea of taking Sirius while on the bike was sounding better and better. Reckless, dangerous, everything that Remus wasn’t; everything that his star was. He wrenched his hands from his lover’s body, anticipating the groan of disappointment. “Oh calm down, you’ll get yours,” he hissed into the ear in front of him before scraping his teeth across the shell of cartilage. The groan turned into a desperate moan of longing as the slender man leaned back, allowing the night to edge between them. Remus watched Sirius’ back and shoulders as he unfastened his jeans. He studied the tense shoulders, the curve of his spine, the dark hair blowing around his neck. His erection sprung free as he eased his pants down. Stroking himself, he continued his assessment. Thin waist and square hips that led to those amazing thighs. The ones that straddled the bike right this moment. The perfect embodiment of masculinity that was Sirius Black. Hard, strong, full of power and lust. His left hand was in the long hair and his right hand wrapped around his lover’s cock before he was even aware he was going to act. “You are so amazing on this bike. I can’t wait to fuck you,” he heard himself growling.

“So fuckin’ do it, Moony.”

“You’re sure? Up here, you want to?”

“Dammit, Remus! Yes!”

Remus let go again, this time pushing his lover forward, exposing the bare arse Sirius had hidden under the jacket. No moments were wasted on gazing. After coating his cock with spit, he reached for Sirius’ hips, lifting him slightly. It took only a moment to find the right angle before Remus was sinking slowly into the tight incredible heat of Sirius. Simultaneous groans escaped both men as Remus buried himself completely into his lover. Over the rumble of motorcycle’s engine and the song of the summer insects, Remus’ grunts and Sirius’ cries of pleasure steadily grew louder. As they soared over the over the countryside, their passionate dance grew more frantic. He had always preferred it slower, nicer, more lovingly, but this was a star night. This was for Sirius. Sirius; who liked it harder, faster, rougher.

Remus was riding out his own need, letting the muscles of his lover’s tight arse squeeze his prick while the motorcycle’s huge engine sent firecrackers of vibrating pleasure through the rest of his body when his brain registered his lover whimpering with need. The skin of Sirius’ cock was hot and like silk over steel as Remus stroked the shaft. He rubbed his thumb over the swollen head, smearing the wetness and eliciting a panted cry from his lover. Remus leaned forward now, over Sirius’ back. It was more precarious, but from the sounds issuing from his lover’s throat he was hitting the mark on every stroke. Maybe that’s what it was, after all, he mused, the danger. The thrill of being caught. But who would catch us up here? The cicadas? The nightingales? The stars? The stars! The Black‘s were named for the stars! The true symbolism of fucking in front of the stars nearly made him laugh out loud. Instead he said sharply, “Sirius, do you like being fucked up in the sky?” Every other word was punctuated witha hard thrust.

“Yes Remus, God yes, so good,” Sirius murmured, nearly unintelligible.

“Then show me. Come for me.” he commanded, jerking harder on the thick cock in his hand.

“Oh fuck yes,” he moaned before spasming tightly around Remus, words becoming indiscernible now. A low howl echoed around them as he climaxed into the hand wrapped around him.

As the last shuddering moments of Sirius’ orgasm escaped his body, Remus reached for his lover’s hips. He never was sure if it was the night air, the bike, the joy of being Sirius Black’s lover, or maybe just a touch of the wolf rearing up in him that night, but a more primal part of his being took over. As his lover’s climax passed, he gripped his hips and thrust into him as hard as he could manage. The smells of sweat and semen and lavender swirled around him and he lost control. He pounded into his lover’s arse again and again, fingernails digging hard little crescent moons into the pale flesh.

It wasn’t until he came, all of his senses mangled into one and centered in his cock, that he pulled Sirius close to him and heard him whimpering. He pulled out and wrapped his arms around his love tightly. “God, Sirius, you aren’t supposed to let me hurt you. I’m so sorry.”

Sirius pressed his body back against Remus. “You didn’t hurt me. I promise. I liked it. In fact…” He took Remus’ hand and guided it lower.

“Sirius, you are insatiable.”

“You love me for it. And those are the city lights ahead. Make us presentable while I bring her down and we’ll head home.”


James and Lily decided it was a bit odd, but then it was Sirius and Remus they were dealing with. All Miriam had done was ask if anyone had heard about this Muggle thing called the “Mile-High Club”. Remus had giggled like a school girl and Sirius blushed redder than when Regulus had stolen and read his diary out loud at the Slytherin table at breakfast. It was only another ten minutes before they made their excuses and left the Christmas party quite early. Honestly-Remus was afraid of airplanes and Sirius only ever flew on that damn motorcycle. What was their problem anyways?

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