Carnival (A Midwinter Night's Folly)

Author: Birman
Rating: NC-17
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Challenge & Summary: New Moon Challenge 25: Remus the fierce gay bunny and Sirius the pink hare can't get out of their costumes and into each other fast enough. You can decide why they were in the costumes, where they are (the more public, the better) but at the end of the day, this is all about SMUT.
Author Notes: OotP spoilers

Sirius Black dragged his lover into a dark, deserted alley, away from the noisy river of people that filled the main street, pinned him to the wall and kissed him fiercely.

That is, he WOULD have kissed him, if it wasn’t for that damned rabbit costume over his head.
Sirius grabbed the furry mask and pulled it off, revealing the laughing face of Remus J Lupin.

Their lips crashed together in a rough kiss, tongues almost raping each other’s mouth.
Remus wrapped his arms around his lover’s neck, pulling him even closer, and started a thorough exploration of his tonsils.
His hands roamed over Sirius’ back, resting finally on his arse and squeezing, erections grinding together through the furry layers of their costumes.

Sirius broke the kiss, and moaned loudly when Remus nibbled his lower lip.
“Shush love, they might hear you.” chuckled the werewolf, pointing at the partying people only a few metres away from them.

“I don’t give a damn about them,” growled the Animagus as Remus attacked his neck with hungry kisses, “just keep on doing that…”
Remus spun his lover around and pinned him to the wall, slipping one of his legs between Sirius’. His hand snaked down and cupped the other wizard’s cock.
“My, my, Padfoot… aren’t we enjoying this evening a little too much?” chuckled Remus, amused.
The black-haired wizard grinned and pushed into his lover’s hand, moaning softly.

Back to that morning…

“Moony, are you sure about this?”
Sirius flopped down on the soft bed of the best suite at the Hotel Danieli. He stared at the frescoed ceiling of the bedroom for some minutes, then swept his gaze along the walls and the furniture, memorizing every detail of this dream-like place.

Remus turned from the window where he was enjoying the view of the Venetian lagoon, and leaned against it to face his lover, amusement sparkling in his eyes.
“What, regretting already all the money you spent, Padfoot?”
Sirius waved a hand dismissively: “You know that’s not what I meant, I don’t mind spending my money for you. It’s just… you never ask for anything, and your request surprised me a bit, that’s all.”

The werewolf smiled and crossed the room to lay on the bed beside his lover, kissing him on the shoulder: “I just wanted to spend some time alone with you, we haven’t been able to be together in a while…”

Remus went back with his mind to the past few years: when the Veil took Sirius and he thought he had lost his mate forever; when Sirius suddenly appeared to him from whenever he was (he had never been able to remember anything clearly from that place) and Remus’ soul was brought to life again; how he begged Dumbledore to believe him and bring Sirius back, which he did, but obviously not before the old Headmaster used him in their battle against Voldemort.

In the end, the Dark Lord was killed, Sirius literally fell out of the Veil into the waiting arms of his lover and his godson, and with his second life also came the clearing of his name from the Ministry.

And then Harry graduated, and moved to Grimmauld Place, where he and his godfather had to make up for the lost time together.
Remus knew that Harry needed Sirius, but he needed him as well…

The wizard was brought back to reality by warm lips pressing against his own.
“You’re right, we had so little time for ourselves, lately…”

Sirius’ husky voice made him shiver, and with a swift move Remus got on top of the Animagus and straddled him, smiling: “And what better place than Venice to spend a week-end, just the two of us? On top of that, it’s the Carnival, and I have some ideas for tonight…”

He jumped off the bed, and quickly stripped to his boxers, feeling Sirius’ lustful gaze on him all the while: “But first, I’m going to take a long, warm shower.”
He stretched his lean body, and moved his hand slowly over his chest and stomach, teasing the grey-eyed wizard still laying on the bed.

Sirius was moaning softly, unable to take his glazed eyes off his lover, his hand caressing his cock lazily from over his jeans.

Remus halted at the bathroom door, slipped off his boxers and flashed his most naughty grin at Sirius: “I hoped you were going to keep me company…”
It took less than ten seconds for the Animagus to took off his clothes and join his companion.

Half an hour later, the two wizards laid together on the bed, limbs entwined, cuddling like a newly-wed couple on their honeymoon.
“What now?” asked Sirius, yawning. “What are your evil plans for tonight, Moony?”
Remus sighed contentedly, and caressed his lover’s almost hairless chest, tracing with his fingers the faint line of hairs from his abdomen to his groin, where they merged with the thicker patch of curly hairs that surrounded his cock.
He felt the curls tickle his palm as he moved his hand further down and over the silky skin of Sirius’ limp prick.
“Tonight,” he purred softly, withdrawing his hand and wrapping his arm around his lover’s waist, “we’re going to have dinner here in our rooms, and then I’m going to dress us up and we’ll party all night through the streets of Venice.”

Sirius snuggled closer to his lover and hid his face in the crook of Remus’ neck, smiling: “I thought you wanted to be alone with me.”
“With all the people attending the Carnival, it will be like being alone. Besides,” grinned the werewolf, even if his lover couldn’t see him, “Venice is full of nice, small, dark alleys…”
“As you wish, love. Now let me sleep for a while, you exhausted me back there in the shower.”
Sirius yawned, then settled more comfortably against Remus and fell asleep immediately.

Remus woke him up in time for dinner.
A table for two had been set in the small but beautiful parlour of their suite, with its lacunar ceiling and the ancient furniture.
They dined with the finest fish and lobster dishes the hotel could offer, drank the most refined wines of the area, and took their time and enjoyed each other’s company, talking about everything and anything in particular.

After the waiters took what remained of their meal away, Remus went back to their bedroom to prepare for their evening out. When he came back to the parlour, carrying an armful of what looked like a voluminous bunch of plastic bags, he found Sirius rummaging in the liquor cabinet.
The grey-eyed wizard took out a bottle filled with a transparent liquid, and eyed it suspiciously.
“What do you reckon this is?” he asked his companion, showing him the bottle.

Remus chuckled, put the bundle of plastic down on the sofa, and walked close to Sirius, taking the bottle from his hand and reading the label.
“It’s grappa, it’s a very strong Italian liquor.”
The Animagus looked suddenly very interested: “D’you think it’s stronger than Ogden’s?”
“Might very well be… Try not to gulp the whole bottle down, ok? I want you to be able to walk tonight.”

Sirius grinned and took two small glasses from the cabinet, together with the bottle from Remus’ hands, and sat on the sofa, pushing away the plastic bags.
He patted the satin-covered spot next to him and grinned again: “Keep me company, Moony.”
The werewolf sighed in mock-resignation, shaking his head, and sat on the soft sofa.
Sirius had already filled their glasses, and Remus took the one that was offered to him, sipping carefully.

“Damn! It IS strong!”
Remus looked at his lover, surprised, and saw that, despite his previous warnings, he had gulped down the whole glass. Sirius’s face was slowly becoming red, mouth twisted into a grimace and eyes watering.
The brown-haired wizard tried to suppress a laughter, but soon gave up the effort and bent his head backwards, howling.

“I did… warn you… Padfoot…” he chocked, as he began breathing again.
“It’s not funny Moony!”
Sirius topped his glass again, taking just a sip this time, savouring the sharp taste of his drink.
He smacked his lips in appreciation: “Not bad, after all. We should bring a couple of bottles home, don’t you think?”
Remus chuckled, and emptied his glass: “Whatever, Padfoot.”
Admittedly, the stuff was really good, and strong enough. Maybe he would succeed in getting Sirius drunk without any real effort, after all. And Merlin knows he needed Sirius drunk to get him into that costume…

The Animagus got the hang of things quite soon. After his second filling, he could drink his glass in just two or three gulps.
After his fourth, he challenged Remus.
“Let’s have a bet, Moony: the one who gets pissed first will bottom for a month.” he grinned, his words already a bit slurred.
After the second bottle, Remus had to stop him.
“I didn’t know you were so eager to bottom for me, Padfoot… There, give me that bottle, you’re pissed enough, and we still need to walk our way through Venice tonight.”

Remus himself wasn’t exactly sober, but he could hold his liquor better than his lover. He sat upright and put the almost-finished bottle on the coffee table before grabbing the costumes left on one side of the sofa from before.
He unwrapped them from the plastic, and handed one over to Sirius.
Sirius gaped at it.

“You… don’t really expect me to wear that, do you?”
Sirius was holding the costume at arm’s length, as if it had a foul smell.
Remus sighed, took the bottle again and filled a glass, pushing it into Sirius’s hand and taking his costume at the same time.
He urged Sirius to drink, which he did quite eagerly, and purred: “Why not? What’s wrong with it, Padfoot? See, I’ve got one too!”

The Animagus finished his drink and glared at the costume, but not so fiercely now: “Yeah, but yours’ not pink!”
“Nothing wrong with pink… ‘s a nice colour!”
Sirius sighed: “What should I be then? Sirius the pink hare? And what would you be?”
Remus thought for a moment, then grinned: “ Remus the fierce gay bunny sounds good.”

Sirius was clearly satisfied by this answer, if his giggles were any sign. He stripped to his boxers, and put on his pink costume, Remus quickly doing the same.
They stood for a moment, facing each other, staring, then burst out laughing from under their masks.

They quickly left the hotel, and mixed with the crowd that was already filling the many alleys and squares of Venice.

The number of people partying was unbelievable, and the more the two wizards got near to S.Marco’s square, the more people they met.
The huge square was already more than half-filled with people, all variously dressed. On one side of the place, a stage had been set, and music could already be heard in the air.
Lots of costumed Muggles were dancing to a frenetic beat, and Remus grabbed his lover’s arm and joined them.
Sirius didn’t complain, and started dancing along Remus. Ok, he wasn’t really that co-ordinated, but Remus didn’t mind.

Soon, the crowd around them became thicker, people pushing into them all the time and against each other. Remus soon felt Sirius’ hands wrapping possessively around his waist, before resting on his arse.
The werewolf pushed against the Animagus, feeling him hard beneath the costume.
“Wanna go somewhere else, Padfoot?” he shouted to make himself heard.

Sirius nodded, so Remus dragged him through the crowd until they stopped in an arcade on one side of the square.
“Let’s go back to the hotel.” suggested Sirius, loud enough so Remus could hear him.
But Remus shook his head: “Not so fast. Let’s have a walk first. I want to see the Rialto bridge.”

Sighing, Sirius followed his amber-eyed lover, who was already walking out of the square in the direction opposite their hotel and their big, comfortable bed.

They never made it to the bridge, though. They walked for a while, trying to make their way through the wall of people walking against them towards the place they just left.
Sirius suspected that Remus’ stubbornness to have a walk was only meant to frustrate him. He was as hard as a rock, and knew that his lover was as well.
So, when they passed a dark, empty alley in their futile attempt to reach Rialto bridge, the Animagus grabbed the werewolf by his arm and dragged him into it.

And so they were, kissing and grinding against each other, their moans covered by the noise filling the street just a few metres from them.

Sirius reached over Remus’ back and fumbled with the zipper of the costume. He finally managed to pull it down, and pushed the costume over his lover’s shoulders.
“Fuck me Remus…” he breathed over the werewolf’s lips.

Remus chuckled, then lapped his lover’s lips: “Are you sure, Padfoot? They might see us.”

“Fuck them! I want your beautiful cock inside me, Moony… Now!”
Sirius cupped and squeezed Remus’ shaft as if he needed to make himself clearer.

Remus groaned and thrust into that warm hand. He stilled for a moment, then, suddenly, he grabbed the other wizard by the shoulders and spun him around, face against the wall. He unzipped the costume and pushed it to the ground, followed closely by Sirius’ boxers.

“Be careful what you ask for, Padfoot…” he whispered, taking Sirius’ earlobe between his teeth and tugging lightly.
His hand snaked in front of the naked wizard, grabbing the already leaking cock and squeezing it at the base.

“We have no lubrication… I guess we’ll have to do somehow…”
He began fisting the Animagus’ cock, very slowly, squeezing at the base and rubbing his thumb over the head, grinning when he heard moans escaping from his lover’s lips.

“Merlin’s balls, Moony, you’re killing me! Move that hand! Please…” whined Sirius, placing his hands behind his back and over Remus’ hips, trying to undress him.

Remus bit his lover’s shoulder and sped up his strokes, fondling his balls with his free hand.
He heard Sirius’ moans grow in intensity, and felt him tense beneath his fingers. He fisted him faster, and when he came, he raised the hand on his sac to gather the spunk, paying attention not to waste a single drop.

Sirius put his arms on the wall, and leaned his head against them, panting.
Remus kissed him on the neck and licked his way to the jawbone.
“Still want me to shag you, Padfoot?” he asked, nudging Sirius’ arse with his cock.
“Hell, yes…” he breathed, pushing his arse against that lovely shaft.

Remus moved away from him, so he could smear his prick with the come still in his hand.
His slick fingers then found their way to Sirius’ entrance, teasing him.
“I’m gonna fuck you through this wall, Padfoot…” Remus’ voice was hoarse in Sirius’ ear.

Sirius’ whining was the only answer Remus could get from him.
The werewolf pushed two fingers inside his lover’s arse, and stretched him hurriedly.
“’m ready… Moony…” Sirius panted against the wall.

Remus took out his fingers and growled as he entered the gray-eyed wizard in one long thrust.
He slid out almost completely before slamming back inside, making Sirius gasp.
He stopped, and licked his lover between his shoulder blades, tasting his skin, salty with a thin layer of sweat even in that cold winter night.

“Stop being a fucking teaser, Moony, and do what you promised!” Sirius managed to pant, bucking against his lover and impaling himself even more.
Remus growled and thrust hard: “You asked for it…”
He began pounding the Animagus, as if he truly wanted to fuck him through the wall.
Sirius was still meeting his thrusts with his own, moaning and panting: “Harder… Remus… I want you… need you… harder… deeper…”

The werewolf bit down hard on his lover’s shoulder, and reached out to grab Sirius’ cock, hard and leaking once again. He fisted him in time with his thrusts, now fast and sharp, angling himself so to stroke his prostate with every hit.

Sirius was whimpering helplessly, trying alternatively to push against Remus’ cock and hand.
He felt his orgasm mount inside him like a heat wave, and when it hit him, it was so hard he felt his knees give out. Thank Merlin Remus was still pounding him, keeping him on his feet, or he would have fallen.
“Moony…” he called out, his voice almost a whisper.

Remus was still thrusting hard inside his lover, but he was so close now… When he felt his hand warm with Sirius’ spunk and his arse clenching around his stiffened prick, he only had time to manage a few more thrusts before coming deep inside the Animagus.

He growled and leaned against the warm back of his lover, wrapping his arms around Sirius’ waist and holding them both upright. He kissed his neck, and sighed: “I hope you’re satisfied, Padfoot, because I’m quite tired.”

Sirius chuckled softly: “Same here… You kept your promise. Now, get off me, I’d like to get dressed before some Muggle starts pointing and screaming at us.”
Remus bit him on the neck, chuckling as well: “You silly mutt… I’ve cast a Concealing Charm.”
Sirius turned to look at him, in amazement, and Remus laughed: “Did you really think that I’d take the risk? No-one will ever see you like this but me, Padfoot.”

The werewolf disentangled himself from his lover, and dressed again in his bunny costume.
Sirius hugged him from behind, and rested his chin on his shoulder.
“Shall we Apparate to the hotel, Moony? I really am tired…”
“Oh, don’t make a fuss over it, Padfoot, it’s not that far…”
“Moony…” whined the Animagus.
“Oh stop it… you know I can’t resist your puppy eyes…”

Remus gave in, and Sirius chuckled.
“Try at least to Apparate in the right place, ok? There’s that little alley behind the hotel…”
“Yes, mum!”


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