Cave Canem - "Beware of the Dog"

Author: Savour
Rating: NC-17
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Challenge & Summary: Full Moon Challenge #3: Two men and a shower
Author Notes: Thanks to Darkhavens as a beta. Word count: 3420.

Sirius ran shaky fingers through his hair. He cursed softly and continued studying his reflection in the mirror. He had to get a hold of himself; his insomnia was starting to show on his face, his skin was quite pale in contrast to the sun kissed glow he normally sported. His long raven hair no longer had a natural lustre and the glint was missing from his blue eyes. He looked weary, defeated. He needed a shave yet lacked the desire to improve his appearance. He brought his other hand up to one stubbled cheek and dragged it slowly along his jaw, eventually bringing both hands together to cover his face.

Many people had noticed his change over the past two weeks. He was quieter at meals and missed countless opportunities to humiliate Snape.

Besides Lily, his co-conspirator, James was the first to say something and after a few veiled responses, Sirius confided his problem to the other boy.

James had frowned and grasped at the crimson couch that lay in shadows, apart from the dim flicker of the fireplace in the common room, and his fingers dug into the plush material as he sank heavily onto it. He blinked a few times, more than was necessary, and opened his mouth to respond though his voice did not make it past his throat.

Sirius had expected this reaction, he had dreamt of it often enough in the fragments of sleep he had managed to snatch, so he was somewhat prepared. He was almost disappointed that James had eventually listened to him without frowning and had hesitantly offered some advice.

He had thanked him and they had hugged awkwardly, smiling as they parted, and Sirius looked on as he disappeared out of the portrait hole, noting how forced and strained his smile was.

Sirius held his face in both hands and stared momentarily back at the mirror. Sighing, he realised that the only person who could help him with this problem was Remus. Remus had a way of simplifying problems to their basic components and unearthing the most appropriate solution. However, this time, Remus wouldn’t be able to shed any light onto Sirius’ grim situation. Remus was the cause. Remus wouldn’t be able to tell him where he had gone wrong. He wouldn’t be able to pinpoint why Sirius’ attempts at seduction had failed.

Sirius shuddered and walked out of the bathroom, heading to the great hall. The last place he wanted to be was among hundreds of students busily cramming their mouths with breakfast before their first classes of the day. His stomach, though, thought otherwise, giving him a warning growl.

He saw him as soon as he walked through the door. He always seemed attuned, alert to his presence. As he expected, Remus’ body leaned over several parchments and an assortment of dusty books, his eyes engrossed in whatever he was reading. James sat opposite, squirming and trying to get a better look at Lily Evans, the young redhead who was pointedly not giving him the time of day. Peter was absent from the table and at this moment his location was not utmost in Sirius’ concerns.

Remus didn’t seem to notice Sirius sitting down next to him, nor did he hear the small deflated sigh that left Sirius’s lips.

Sirius filled his plate partially and began to eat in silence, swallowing the food without tasting the meal that the house elves had no doubt slaved over.

He pored over the last two weeks, examining each purposely arranged encounter with Remus.

It had been a while since he had realised he was heartbreakingly in love with Remus. Even then he had known how devastated he would be if he were to share his feelings with Remus and be summarily rejected.

Seeking some sort of solace and advice he had, against his better judgement, asked Lily for her help. He was loathe to admit he needed it, but, despite constantly bickering with her, he knew there was no one else he could ask.

She had raised her eyebrow and smirked when Sirius approached her and began to tell her about Remus. He tried to describe his predicament to her, but her facial expressions had put him off. He frowned and made to leave, tossing an exasperated, “Just forget it,” over his shoulder, but she caught his arm and softly told him she thought it was ‘sweet’.

They had met in secret after that a few times and Lily was the one to suggest to Sirius that he need not tell Remus anything, that actions spoke louder than any clumsy endearments he might say.

After much discussing, they had formulated a plan for Sirius to seduce Remus. He would shadow Remus without the other boy noticing him.

He would ask for Remus’ help with homework and then while they were discussing the finer points of a transfiguration spell and where he had gone wrong, Sirius would lean in close, his breath hot on the other boy’s neck.

If that approach was too subtle, he would have to make sure that he was always in the dormitory bathroom before Remus, shirtless and his hair a shaggy mess. He would also arrange for Remus to meet him after Quidditch practice when his teammates had already gone, and he would be in the changing rooms scantily clad with a towel barely knotted about his glistening waist, with just-out-of-the-shower droplets of water slowly making their way down his taut body.

Sirius had brightened up at Lily’s suggestions and he’d hugged her quickly, and had run to the library to ask Remus for some help with homework and to try out his first attempt at seducing the other boy.

He had found Remus in the darkest corner of the library, his head buried in an old tome and his quill quickly taking down notes.

Sirius sauntered over slowly to stand behind Remus. He leaned over the other boy, his lips almost brushing' Remus’ ear.

“Are you busy, Moony?” Sirius whispered softly, noting with glee that the hairs on Remus’ nape bristled slightly. However, all he got out of Remus was a ‘yes’.

“Please, Remus, I need some help with my potions work,” Sirius whined while sitting down heavily besides the other boy.

Remus sighed. “Can’t you get someone else to help Padfoot, I’m sort of in the middle of something.” Remus turned to face Sirius and hardly was surprised to be greeted with Sirius’ best puppy dog eyed expression.

“Oh very well. Let’s have a look at it.” He looked at Sirius expectantly.

Sirius just blinked and attempted a faux pained expression.

“I’ve left it in our dorm room. I assumed we’d go over it there because I’m sure we’ll be working well into the night. You need to explain quite a lot of it to me.” Sirius waited. He tried to read Remus’ eyes and could not.

Remus nodded and told Sirius to go on ahead, he would catch up with him as soon as he returned all the books.

Sirius grinned all the way as he ran to the dorms. Time for plan two.

He quickly stripped his clothes off, leaving them in a tangled mess by his bed while he took a quick shower.

He lathered up rapidly and stood underneath the showerhead, willing his heart to stop thundering in his chest. He stepped out of the shower drying himself lightly with a towel before he grabbed another to tie loosely round his waist.

He felt quite silly standing at the bathroom door waiting and listening for Remus to arrive but the promise of what these actions would bring would more than make up for any potential embarrassment he might face.

He perked when he heard the click of the door and waited until the door closed behind Remus, then took a deep breath and walked boldly into the dorm room.

“Oh Moony, I expected you much later. Just give me a minute to dry off.” He paused, trying to gage Remus’ reaction. The other boy just looked at Sirius for a moment, nodded and sat on the edge of his bed and put his books aside.

Somewhat deflated, Sirius had walked back into the bathroom and towelled off, returning moments later to Remus and the prospect of spending the rest of the night listening to potions mixtures he knew by heart.

The following weeks had been more of the same disappointment, Sirius’ hopes always ended dashed as Remus barely acknowledged his machinations.

Remus brought him out of his thoughts by nudging him with his elbow.

“Padfoot, classes start in five minutes. That is unless you plan on staring at your plate all day.” His eyes looked at Sirius warmly.

“Sure.. right.” Sirius said softly as he pushed his plate aside.

The got up and walked toward the greenhouses. Being so close to Remus and smelling the faint aftershave he wore made Sirius decide that he wasn’t going to let these slight failures affect him. Remus was worth total humiliation if it guaranteed him the other boy’s love, though he wasn’t sure how much more his heart could take.

He decided to give it another go. A final attempt.

Tonight they would be alone. He would ask James to make himself scarce, and Peter would be on a date with the pretty brunette from Ravenclaw that he’d had his eye on for quite some time and had finally asked out, so he need not worry about telling him to leave.

Tonight he would be bolder and with any luck, Remus wouldn’t need much convincing.


As Sirius sat in bed psyching himself up for what he was about to do, he tried to think of the reasons why he was doing this. It wasn’t just the fact he was attracted to Remus and wanted to throw him down and have his wicked way, there were many other reasons, too numerous to list, from the way Remus’ amber eyes would lock into his own, giving him the attention he craved, to the way he would absently arch his back, showing Sirius’ hungry eyes his flexibility.

He waited until James and Peter had left the bathroom, chatting away, as they headed to the great hall for their dinner and the nightly Lily spotting, before entering and, closing the door behind him. Then he muttered the token words and the room was sealed. Sink or swim, tonight he would know if Remus felt anything and if his seduction techniques had managed to rile the other boy.

He watched Remus’ head move above the shower stall as he methodically did his cleaning ritual, Sirius had never seen anyone go to so much trouble and not for any particular reason or person. He stepped up to the shower door and stood for a moment to collect his thoughts and gather some extra courage. He wasn’t scared, not really, he knew Remus well enough to know that he wouldn’t lose the friendship. He might be teased for a while, but never in front of the others. Yet the voice in his head, which presently was shrill and annoying, would constantly go on about rejection and what would happen if Remus looked at Sirius in shock and disgust.

He silenced the irritating voice with a deep breath and a frown as he chose to fulfill his next endeavour.

Silently, Sirius opened the stall door and sucked in his breath. Remus was facing the wall, the water cascading down his back, the thick droplets trailing their way down his firm body. It was a shame that Remus’ loose clothing hid such a beautiful body, he was thin, but he had definition. His calf muscles were tight and his, Sirius swallowed, his back was the perfect ‘v’ tapering out and displaying the tightest cheeks.

Remus felt the draft and turned around, his eyes on Sirius’ face. He stood still, half turned and didn’t say a word. Sirius was unable to move, his eyes on Remus’ mouth.

Eventually Sirius took a step forward, his feet meeting the step of the stall and he stopped, his eyes a mirror to what he was thinking, the fire he was feeling and the need of what he wanted.

Sirius shrugged off his robe, letting it fall to his feet, and made a move to step forward, the steam dampening his hair and making his dry lips slick. To his utter shock, it was Remus who bridged the gap.

It was Remus who was grabbing Sirius’ shirt and pulling him into the shower. Remus whose lips were inching closer to Sirius’. Remus who was sliding his tongue across Sirius’s lips and slipping between them, while a stunned Sirius could only moan in return. It was Remus who was moaning into Sirius’ mouth as his hands were busy unbuttoning Sirius’ shirt in haste. Remus who was placing open-mouthed kisses on Sirius’ chest. Remus who was pushing a half naked Sirius against the bathroom wall and pinning him against it with his body while his left hand, which had slid between their bodies, was pulling down the zip of Sirius’ trousers. It was Remus whose hand was slipping inside, under Sirius’ underwear and stroking his hard cock, fingers spreading the pre cum over the long length of it.

Sirius broke the kiss with a groan and stared at Remus, their bodies grinding against each other. He lightly pushed Remus away, removing his hand and taking a few deep breaths.

“This wasn’t what you had planned,” Remus said hoarsely. “Was it, Padfoot?”

“I’m not complaining, but no.” Sirius ripped at his tie, throwing it outside the stall , then kicked off his trousers, careful not to slip on the wet tiles. “Come here.”

Remus stepped close to the now naked Sirius and kissed him deeply, tangling their tongues together' while his hands encircled the slim waist. Remus pushed himself closer to the other boy, moaning in his mouth as their hard cocks rubbed against each other.

Droplets of water falling over hard bodies and moans echoing through the empty Gryffindor bathroom, they kissed long and hard. Hands explored unknown and hidden places.

Sirius broke the kiss again. Half moaning, and despite Remus fondling his aching balls, he managed to speak.

“Moony, I don’t want you to stop,” he moaned as Remus licked and nipped at his neck. “What.. yes there.. brought this on? You’ve not given me the sli.. please more.. slightest indication that you’ve been even remotely interested.”

Remus grinned against Sirius left nipple, sending little jolts through the moaning animagus.

“I can hardly believe you’re surprised, Padfoot.” Remus said through groans as Sirius’ hands encircled his hard rod. He pulled the other boy in for a hard kiss and moaned as Sirius pushed him roughly against the tiles, assaulting his nipples with his tongue while fingers ghosted around his erection.

“You’ve been dancing around me half dressed and flaunting your body for weeks. I’d have to be blind not to notice or care,” Remus managed to whisper hoarsely before Sirius descended on his mouth once more.

Sirius chuckle soon turned to a deep groan in Remus’ mouth as he was stroked roughly, strong fingers squeezing his throbbing cock.

He grabbed both of Remus' hands and held them above the boy’s head as he licked his chest, his tongue swiping across and finishing with light nips.

Sirius worked his way down to Remus’ stomach and, releasing his hold of the boy’s hands, he dropped to his knees on the wet tiles and licked the head of Remus’ water and pre cum slicked cock.

Remus’ fingers twisted in Sirius’ hair, urging the kneeling boy closer to his aching prick.

Sirius looked up, his mind hazy as he assured himself it really was Remus. This was not another dream that left him aching and running to the bathroom to splatter cum on the shower tiles as he did most mornings, alone. He really was kneeling face to cock with Remus.

Re-assured, He moved forward and licked along the underside of the other boys cock, relishing the sounds that were escaping from Remus’ mouth. The whispered pleas soon turned to deep groans as Sirius took Remus’ cock deeply into his mouth.

Thoughts whirled through Sirius’ mind as the tantalising taste and smell of Remus made him moan, his head slowly bobbing up and down Remus’ hard shaft.

“Sirius.. I.. ungh.. yes.. just like that.” Remus’ choked voice dissolved into a series of incoherent words and lustful sounds.

The water rushed over both of them, further heating their bodies, and the steam hung thick in the bathroom, the ceiling shrouded by mist. Remus’ moans rose above the sound of the rushing water.

Sirius continued assaulting Remus with his mouth, fingers stroking the other boy’s balls and with cheeks hollowed he felt Remus’ body tensing, and knew he was near the edge. He picked up the pace and sucked the cock deeply, his tongue licking the underside with each fevered stroke.

One of Sirius’ hands went to his own cock and his strokes mirrored the rhythm of his movements on Remus’ hot prick.

Remus’ started bucking and his balls tightened as he came in the other boy’s moist mouth. He called out Sirius’ name and dug his fingers into Sirius’ shoulder.

Sirius milked Remus’ cock and moaned against the softening flesh as he sped up the strokes on his own erection. He released Remus and grunted as he sought for his own release. One, two, three strokes later Sirius cum was splattered on the tile floor of the shower stall mixing with the water and washing away as he rode his orgasm.

With his body slumped he laid his head against Remus’ thigh, struggling for breath.

Remus lifted Sirius’ head and smiling he slid carefully down the wall and sat down next to the other boy.

He leaned over and kissed Sirius’ lips softly.

Sirius moved his back to the wall and put his arm around Remus’ shoulder, drawing him closer he felt somewhat self-conscious now, at a loss for words. Images of what they had just experienced flashed through his mind and he looked over at Remus tentatively.

The other boy was smiling, a wicked gleam in his eye.

Remus got up and turned off the water. He arched his back until he heard a ‘pop’ and started walking out of the stall. He stopped at the entrance and looked back at Sirius, who was by now gazing down, a sad look on his face.

“Padfoot, I think I need to lie down.. care to join me?” He said softly, grinning as he saw Sirius nod his head fast and get up off the floor hastily.

Before Remus could turn and walk away Sirius enveloped him in a tight hug, both boys hardening at the close contact.

When he released him, Sirius looked deeply into Remus’ eyes and whispered. “Tell me.”

His expression warmed Remus and made him smile. He himself could not believe they had finally thrown away the pretence and indulged in their attraction to each other. It had been such a heavy burden hiding his feelings for Sirius, until he had confided in Lily and she had told him that he should wait for the other boy to make a move.

“I have a better idea Sirius.” He paused and rubbed his hands down Sirius’ back. “How about I show you, and then tell you?”

“Mmm,” Sirius said against Remus’ lips. “Sounds like a plan, Moony.”

Releasing him, Sirius motioned for Remus to go on ahead. He picked up his crumpled clothing and followed.

“You know, I’ll have to thank Lily,” Sirius said, smiling as he saw Remus was lying on his side in the bed waiting for him. “Her advice worked a treat.” He chuckled and bounced into the bed and snuggled into Remus, kissing his neck softly.

Remus stared at Sirius. “Lily.. you told Lily too?”

“Too? What do you mean too? You spoke to her as well?” Sirius said a little too loudly.

Remus started laughing. Miss Evans had played them both.

“I always knew she was evil.” Sirius stated as his eyes narrowed. “Just when I started to like her..”

Remus kissed Sirius’ words away and pulled him close.

“Lily tomorrow. Remus now.” Remus said between kisses, tongues soon duelling.

Sirius smiled into the kisses and arched into Remus’ touches and soon his plans for Lily disappeared, as did the rest of the world.


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