Author: Hikari
Rating: NC-17
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Challenge & Summary: Challenge #49: With all four boys staying over the holidays, privacy is hard to find in the Gryffindor Dorm. The boys try to find some privacy in the dorms over the holidays, but with James and Peter also staying behind, things don't work out quite the way they wanted to…
Author Notes: First shot at a Sirius/Remus fic, so feedback would be appreciated!

Moist lips skimmed themselves over smooth skin, an almost purr seeping out as they parted ever so slightly to suckle on the waiting earlobe. “Sirius! Sirius! Wait! We’re in…we could be caught—ah!”

Chuckling as the shorter boy’s protests were cut off by a cry of pleasure and shock, Sirius Black continued his ministrations, sliding his large hands ever so slowly over the body of the boy currently beneath him.

Regaining his voice, Remus Lupin tried in vain to stop the tall bundle of hormones pinning him to the couch in the Gryffindor common room, but to no avail. “Sirius…” His protests were becoming less and less frequent and more and more breathy as the teasing continued.

“That feel good, Moony?” Sirius whispered as he skimmed the tips of his fingers over a rosy nipple.

The trembling of the body beneath him gave the answer no words ever could. Grinning even wider, he lowered his shaggy head to the alabaster chest beneath, intending on taking the hardening nub into his mouth, when…

“Honestly, Peter! If you weren’t so damned slow in the mornings, we could have already been outside by now! Moony and Padfoot are already gone!”

Eyes flying wide open, Remus sat up in shock, dumping Sirius to the cold stone floor. With a yelp, the dark haired boy twisted back into a sitting position, rubbing his rear. Hastily the other boy yanked his shirt back down over his chest and ran his fingers through slightly sweaty hair. Sirius looked nothing less than peeved as he straightened his own shirt muttering something about Remus not knowing how to treat a hot piece of ass.

Both watched as their other two friends came down the stairs, dressed warmly in cloaks, scarves, and hats.

“They’re probably already outside, in the snow, having fun, and--” James stopped abruptly when he caught sight of the dog and werewolf, both looking slightly flushed and a little sweaty.

A little, mousy boy with thin hair appeared behind him. “They’re still here!”

“Morning James, Peter,” Remus said, somehow managing to force his voice back to normal.

Peering closer, James’ bright eyes flickered as he took in the bothered Remus and bored-looking Sirius. “…Something I miss? You look kind of--”

Standing up suddenly, Sirius yawned loudly and stretched. “We’re just hot from sitting in front of the fire too long. You guys took forever to wake up.”

Easily distracted by this pinprick to his pride, James straightened up and shifted his attention from the now blushing werewolf to the taller boy. “It’s not my fault! Peter--”

“Yeah, yeah, you use that excuse all the time.”

“You’ll pay for that one with a snowball square in your ugly kisser!” his friend shot back. “I claim Moony for my team!”

“What?! No fair!”

Carefully pulling on his boots and warm clothes, Remus tried to ignore their banter and calm his pounding heart; they had almost been caught in a very compromising position.

Five minutes later, the four friends stood outside, knee deep in shimmering white snow, their cheeks already turning pink from the cold. It was the depths of December at Hogwarts, and Christmas vacation had just begun the day before. Remus and Sirius, hoping to find some private time for themselves, has opted to stay behind and not return home during the break.

But upon finding that the two of them were staying, James had also insisted on remaining behind, and as for Peter…well…wherever James went, he went to, so as it was, the entire group remained at their school for the holidays.

Sirius had barely managed to rein in his frustration and annoyance. Remus too was disappointed, but for slightly more innocent reasons than the other boy. Sirius was angry because he had concocted great plans to seduce the werewolf while they had some privacy, and finally make him his. Remus had just wanted Sirius to himself for a while. But, alas! Fate was turned against the couple, a fact that they would come to realize long before the break was over.

Breathing in the cold, clear air, Sirius tilted his head back a little and gazed up at the steely winter sky. A few lazily drifting snowflakes caught in his hair and eyelashes, dusting his forehead and shoulders with a fine powder. Remus couldn’t help but stare at this wintry god, his cheeks pink and his dark eyes glinting in the half light from the slate colored sky above.

Worrying his bottom lip, as he always did when he was focusing on something, Remus continued to sneak sidelong glances at his lover while trying to pretend he really wasn’t. That is, until the moment was ruined by a perfectly round snowball hitting the Animagus right under his chin.

With a howl to wake the dead, Sirius abruptly jerked his head back down, yelping when the frozen water slipped under his scarf and down his shirt. Brushing wildly at the snow, he threw a death glare at the snowball’s creator, a low growl sounding from somewhere deep in his throat. “You’ll pay for that James Potter!”

Tearing off after the other dark-haired boy, Sirius scooped up handfuls of snow as he went, lobbing them at James’ retreating back at every possible moment.

Still surprised at the sudden chance in scene, Remus merely shook his head and proceeded to follow the other two at a slower pace, taking his time looking around and marveling at the changed landscape around him.

It was amazing how a little snow could transform the world around him into a glittering wonderland. This was only the second snow they had received this year, the first melting soon after it had come. And now, as the sun peeked out behind the flat layer of gray clouds in the sky, it reflected off the snow brightly, leaving dancing spots of color on the werewolf’s eyelids whenever he closed his eyes.

Peter giggled to himself, tailing Remus with the absent air of someone who did not know where they were going. The small boy was always more of a shadow than anything else, and it was no secret he worshipped James like a god. Consequently, oftentimes his quiet presence went unnoticed.

All of a sudden an armful of snow dumped itself over Remus’ head and he yelped as the sudden cold that doused his ears. Whirling around, he came face-to-face with a grinning Sirius, his eyes twinkling with the secret that only the two of them shared.

His body bent in half as he went to scoop up another armful of snow, a whoop sounding from James somewhere in the trees to their left as he went after some unknown target, probably a moaning Augurey. The werewolf’s eyes widened and he ran off in much the same way James had earlier, running from another bath in the frozen water.

Peter was left behind as the two young boys chased each other around the snow-covered grounds. Remus was in his element, a bit of his wolf blood showing through in a long, loping stride that never seemed to tire. His tongue lolled out at some points and he found himself unable to keep a wide grin from spreading across his face as he saw the large snowdrift up ahead.

Diving behind it, quite ungracefully, he landed among a shower of snow. Still smiling to himself he peeked out from behind the pile of snow to watch Sirius approach. The dog boy also ran with a long stride, his born from naturally long legs rather than a werewolf’s blood running through his veins.

Even as James skidded to a stop beside the snowdrift, Remus shot one lean arm out and caught the taller boy around the waist. Grabbing him tightly, he yanked hard and pulled Sirius down into the snow on top of him, laughing as they went. A mask of surprise stole over the other’s face as he put on arm on either side of Remus’ head to keep from putting his full weight on the smaller body beneath him.

Staring up at Sirius with unhidden adoration shining in his eyes, Remus touched the side of his face with one damp, cold gloved hand. Taking this as his cue, Sirius leaned down over the werewolf, his warm breath caressing the smooth skin of his face and his lips hovering over the other’s…


With a start, Sirius fell forwards, landing on Remus and Remus let out another yelp, much like the one from before.

A distant voice floated towards them. “I think head Remus over there, somewhere…”

Cursing quietly, Sirius stole a quick, but passion-filled kiss from Remus’ lips before sitting up and waving his arms over his head, signaling to the two boys following their crazy trail of footprints. “We’re over here!” he bellowed back.

Grinding his hips down once against Remus’ the dog boy rolled off of him and into the pile of snow, exasperation and unfulfilled lust showing on his face and in his eyes.

Catching his breath, Remus sat up, brushing himself off. Almost…he thought. Almost…

That night, dinner was a small affair, as most of the school was home for the holidays. The four boys ate quickly, pulling out a game of chess and books afterwards. Peter buried his nose in a book about dragons, having believed a rumor someone told him that there was one residing in the forests surrounding Hogwarts.

Rolling his eyes, James yanked out a book on Quidditch and was soon lost to the world of Snitches and Quaffles.

Remus and Sirius set up the chess game carefully, their hands brushing against each other as they began to play. A smile lighting up his face, Sirius caught Remus’ eye and made a kissing motion with his lips. Blushing furiously, Remus quickly glanced at James and Peter. Upon finding them to be absorbed in their books, he looked back at Sirius and returned the gesture.

The game ended before a winner was apparent, as the Great Hall emptied out and the lights began to dim. Heading back to the Gryffindor common room, the four friends passed nearly no one on their way, testimony to just how much of the school had left. Silently thanking whoever was above for this, the dog Animagus slipped his hand into Remus’ as they walked behind their other two friends, smirking to himself at the slight jump from his lover.

They remained in the common room for another hour or so, Peter retiring the earliest and James finally surrendering to his own yawns and following the shorter boy upstairs. Remus and Sirius waited with baited breath as they heard the door to the boys’ dormitory shut firmly, pausing for a few minutes longer to be sure they were alone.

When no one from either dorm appeared again, Sirius suddenly pounced on Remus, resuming a position similar to the one from that morning. Grinning in spite of himself, the werewolf reached up and looped his arms around the dog’s neck, gently tugging him down towards his waiting mouth.

Their lips molded into one as heat spread through their bodies from that point of contact. Pressing his lower body down onto Remus’ groin, Sirius moaned into the kiss as his half-erection rubbed against the shorter boy’s cloth covered body. Remus shuddered beneath him, a warm flush slowly spreading over his entire body, anticipating what was to come…

The shuffling of slippers sounded from above them, and Remus froze in terror, wondering if their secret was about to be revealed. Grinding his teeth, Sirius jumped up and dove into another armchair, closing his eyes and pretending to be dozing. The werewolf remained where he was, also closing his eyes, but for a different reason. Panting slightly, he tried to suppress the fire racing in his veins, heading towards his loins.

Pretending to awaken as James stepped into the common room, Sirius stared at him with eyes that gleaming red in the dying firelight. “Something wrong?”

“Nah, can’t sleep. Thought I’d take the cloak and go steal some more of that pie we had at dinner from the kitchens. Wanna come?” Waving the invisibility cloak in his friend’s face, James gave Sirius his trademark grin.

“Well…” Sirius began.

“Come on, Padfoot! You’re the one who can best get in anyway! I was caught last time I went myself and had to do a week’s worth of detentions hand washing dishes! Please!”

Giving Remus a glance, Sirius rose at his barely perceptible nod and snatched a corner of the cloak. “This had better be quick!” he growled and disappeared through the Fat Lady’s doorway, throwing a longing, lust-filled glance back at Remus as he went.

Sighing as the picture shut behind the other two, the werewolf sat up with a sigh. Too bad James had come down and interrupted what they were doing…Oh! His flush returned as the full impact of what Sirius had been doing came crashing down on him. He couldn’t possibly…Shaking his head, Remus crept upstairs and into the dorm, trying in vain to calm his racing heart. What am I doing?! he wondered to himself.

An hour or so later, the door creaked open again and two shadows crept on cat-like feet into the room. One grinned at the other and went to its bed, shutting the curtains and burrowing under the covers. The other waited a moment, then stole towards an already occupied bed, sliding between the gap in the drapes and lying down beside the sleeping form.

“Remus…” he breathed in the other’s ear, tickling it with his tongue.

Starting awake, the smaller boy turned over and found his gasp stifled by a calloused hand. Pushing the hand away, he whispered furiously back, “What do you think you’re doing?! We’re in the dorms, in the same room as James and Peter!”

“We’re also in your bed…” Sirius replied with a sexy smirk, slipping one hand under the covers and ghosting it along Remus’ side. His large fingers slipped up under the werewolf’s sleep shirt, tracing the outline of his ribs beneath taut skin.

Stifling a moan, Remus gave Sirius’ chest a half-hearted push, before giving in to the soothing heat that was spreading throughout his body. The fingers roamed upwards, tracing circles around his nipples and tweaking them occasionally. All sounds of pleasure were absorbed by the hungry mouth of the taller boy, as he ran his tongue along the other’s.

Pressing in closer, Remus gasped into Sirius’ mouth when their still cloth covered erections rubbed up against each other. Groaning quietly, Sirius instinctively bucked his hips, causing more of the delicious, fiery contact.

Throwing his head back a little as the white-hot heat from his groin quickly spread upwards, Remus wrapped his arms tighter around Sirius’ broad back, fingertips digging into the hard muscle. The Animagus leaned in, latching his mouth onto the werewolf’s throat, and slipped his hands down from Remus’ chest, skimming over his abdomen and hips, going lower…

“Which one of you ate the last Chocolate Frog?”

Mouth falling open in what would have been a yelp of shock, if it weren’t for a quick hand on Sirius’ part, Remus stared up into the sleepy face of James Potter.

The sound of padded feet had been lost to the two boys as they focused on each other, giving James the perfect opportunity to yank open the curtains surrounding Remus’ bed.

Sirius’ one hand remained on the waistband of Remus’ pajama pants as he too stared at James’, his breath coming fast and uneven.

“Mmmph!” the werewolf mumbled as he struggled against the larger boy’s other hand, which was still covering his mouth. “James! It’s not what you thi--” he started as he pushed away the hand that covered his mouth.

“Remus! Shh!” But he was forced into silence once again by the taller boy, who was peering closer at James’ face in the half-light from the window near the bed. “As I thought…”

Covering his face with his hands, Remus pulled away, his cheeks burning bright red. “Thought what Sirius? That we’ve finally been caught?”

“No…he’s sleepwalking!”

Eyes flying wide open, the werewolf sat bolt upright in bed. “Sleepwalking?!”

“SHH! YES!” the dog boy hissed. “James always sleepwalks after eating right before bed. You just never noticed, cause he’d always come wake me up instead of anyone else! Look at his eyes, you can tell he’s not really awake.”

Now it was Remus’ turn to take a closer look at their friend, and when he did, he saw that the Quidditch player’s eyes were staring blankly dead ahead, and his face was smooth with lack of emotion.

Heart beating fast out of relief now, instead of anticipation, Remus flopped back into Sirius’ arms. “Sleepwalking…” he mumbled faintly.

Grinning like a fool, Sirius waved his hand in James’s face. “Go back to bed, Potter. He’s mine, not yours!”

“Padfoot…” Remus chided him, exasperated.

“Whaaat? But really, go back to bed, Prongs. You’re not welcome here.”

Mumbling incoherently under his breath, the messy haired boy turned around, letting the curtains falls shut again, and shuffled back to bed. Moments later the creak of bedsprings sounded and heavy breathing once again came from the direction of James’ bed.

“That was a close one,” Sirius commented nonchalantly, his hand tracing patterns on the smooth skin of Remus’ chest. He trailed his lips over the werewolf’s ear, the tip of his tongue darting out to taste the tender flesh.

“Too close for comfort!” Remus hissed, rolling himself up in the covers and turning over so his back was facing Sirius. “Take your own advice and go back to bed!”

“Aww….Moony…” But no amount of whining, wheedling, cajoling, pouting, or threatening could make the young werewolf change his mind. Finally realizing he was getting nowhere, the taller boy gave his lover’s rear one last squeeze and stalked off to his own bed.

The next morning dawned bright and cold. Huddled under a pile of blankets, Remus stirred slightly and yawned, burrowing even deeper into the warmth of his covers and the cozy heat of the body next to him.

…Body next to him…

Eyes opening all the way, Remus rolled over and found himself face-to-face with Sirius, who was grinning lopsidedly as he snaked an arm around the werewolf’s waist. “Good morning, Moony!” His grin widened. “Sleep good last night?”

Mouth opening and closing several times, the shorter boy only managed to gape at his friend. “Sirius…” Shaking his head, Remus returned the hug he was receiving and nuzzled Sirius’ neck. “It’s quite a nice way to wake up…” he murmured.

He missed the smirk that crossed his lover’s face. “Really…want to wake up like this all the time?”

But before the startled werewolf could form a response, a loud complaint issued from one of the other beds. “It’s freezing in here!” There was a slight pause. “Who stole all my blankets?!”

Muffling his snickers in Remus’ hair, Sirius gave the other boy one last squeeze before sitting up and slipping out to confront James. “That’s what you get for chucking snowballs in my face, James Potter.”

“You!” Several loud whoops sounded, followed by the thumping of feet around the dorm and down the stairs.

Also getting up, Remus’ quickly changed into warm clothes, remembering the trip to Hogsmede that had been scheduled for today. He still needed to buy gifts for a few of his friends and suspected that it was for this very reason the trip had been scheduled. The werewolf knew for a fact that neither James nor Sirius had done any of their shopping at all, and he had heard many of the other students talking about their unfinished shopping.

He descended to the common room and found a distressed Peter trying to stop the other two boys from flinging freezing charms at each other. Hiding a grin behind one slender hand, the werewolf caught Sirius’ eye and shook his head.

Using this moment of distraction to his advantage, the stag Animagus pointed his wand and bellowed the freezing charm, managing to cover most of Sirius’ body with a light coating of frost.

Shouting, the dog boy jumped several feet into the air, wrapping his arms around his waist as he began to shiver violently. Laughing raucously, James tucked away his wand and darted out the portrait hole, taking Peter with him. “See you at breakfast Padfoot! Don’t let it get cold!”

Casting an irritated glance at Remus, who was trying in vain to stop his own laughter, Sirius collapsed on the couch, curling up on himself in an attempt to melt the frost.

Leaning over the back of the couch, the werewolf pressed his lips to Sirius’ ear. “Want me to warm you up?”

Growling, the dog boy reached behind him and pulled the other boy over the back of the couch and onto his lap. Wrapping lean arms around Sirius’ shoulders, Remus pressed up against the other boy, ghosting his lips over any inch of exposed skin he could find, breathing warmth back into the chilled flesh.

His shivers gradually subsiding, the Animagus wrapped his own arms tightly about the smaller boy, his hands skating down his back to cup his buttocks through the Muggle jeans he wore. Remus moaned softly, feeling the strong fingers kneading taut muscle roughly, and pressed in against his lover. He brought his legs up and settled them loosely around Sirius’s waist, feeling the growing bulge against his own.

Padfoot smirked as the last traces of chill left his body and he plundered Remus’ soft mouth viciously, drinking in the taste that was uniquely his. The werewolf’s hands had buried themselves in masses of dark hair and were trembling slightly as the tension and heat grew between them.

Slipping one of his own hands down between them, the Animagus rubbed his now warm palm over the erection trapped in his lover’s jeans and delighted in the moan he received in return. “Sirius…”

The sound of his own name being hissed between clenched teeth only served to further fuel the taller boy’s desire and he shifted their positions, pressing Remus down onto the couch and covering the smaller body with his.

Startled, Remus stared up at the dog boy and froze for a moment. But the warmth and love in Sirius’ eyes, combined with the tenderness of his hands quelled whatever lingering doubts were left in the werewolf’s mind. He smiled up at the Animagus and nodded, pulling their bodies together once more.

Murmuring his pleasure into one tender ear, Sirius began to slip his hands into Remus’ jeans, intent on pleasuring him until he howled like it was the full moon. But…

“You’re slow even when it’s not morning! McGonagall’s going to have our hides if we’re not back in the next two minutes!”

The sound of the portrait hole swinging open was accompanied the loud voice of James and the answering squeak of Peter as they entered the common room.

At the first sound of the portrait hole, Sirius had found himself once again dumped unceremoniously onto the floor, extremely unhappy and extremely unsatisfied. The flustered Moony was sitting up and trying to inconspicuously zip up his jeans as the other two boys stepped fully into the room.

Raising an eyebrow, James looked around the room, then back at the other two. “Something I missed?” he asked.

A very irate Sirius snarled back, “Nothing at all!”

A sudden smirk crossing his face, James let the issue drop, something which was very out of character for him. A stab of icy fear shot through Remus’ stomach; did James know?!

“Well, come on then! McGonagall’s about to start foaming at the mouth! You’re already late, you know.”

Jumping up to follow the others, Remus’ quickly slipped into his cloak and wrapped his scarf back around his neck, hoping it would hide the reddened skin. Sirius fumed and kicked at the floor as he walked beside James, occasionally shooting a glance back at his werewolf lover. Remus gave him a helpless look back, then quickly erased it as they came out into the entrance hall and Professor McGonagall stormed towards them.

After a severe lecture about holding up the group that only served to further make them late, the boys joined the main group at the back as they headed off towards Hogsmede, jostling each other and throwing snow as soon as Professor McGonagall turned her back.

Remus soon found his good mood returning as he watched James and Sirius get into another mini snow fight; most of it ending up on poor Peter, who just happened to be walking nearby.

Chuckling as James got an unexpected face full from a girl named Lily, Sirius dropped back to walk next to the werewolf, his hands dripping wet. “That looks cold…” Remus murmured, taking Sirius one hand in his own and pulling it deep into the warm folds of his cloak.

The rest of the school walked ahead of them, oblivious to the two lovers at the back, lost in their own rosy world of warmth and Christmas wishes.

The Animagus felt the feeling returning to his numb hand and grinned widely as he wriggled the appendage deeper into fabric, brushing up against Remus’ groin and settling there.

Choking back the shout of surprise that rose in his throat, the werewolf glanced at his lover out of the corner of his eye. The taller boy was walking with his head forward, looking quite pleased with himself. His fingers moved slightly, stroking the hardening member beneath them.

Fighting every instinct he had not to moan, Remus elbowed the dog boy none too gently and hissed at him under his breath. All he got in return was an increased pressure from the deft fingers and a quiet chuckle that slipped from between parted lips.

Chewing on his lip as the familiar feeling of stirring desire and flooding heat swept over him once more. Sirius continued his ministrations until the tops of the buildings of Hogsmede appeared over the rise in the hill. Then the now warm hand slipped free, right before pushing the panting werewolf over the brink.

Whining deep in his throat, Remus shot a glower at the boy next to him, surprised to find that his face was moving closer. “The Shrieking Shack…” was whispered in his ear, before Sirius disappeared off into Zonko’s with an impatient James.

Peter scuttled behind and Remus found himself quite alone as he stood ankle deep in snow, his painfully hard erection tight beneath the stiff fabric of the jeans his wore. Moving on cat-like feet with cat-like grace, he slipped from building to building, being careful to keep to the alleyways and shadows between buildings until he reached the edge of the tiny village.

Stepping out into the snow, he quickened his pace until the trees hid his form from the sight of prying human eyes.

Slowing now that he was positive no one could see, Remus tilted his head upwards to the skies above, watching as a few lazy snowflakes drifted gently down, swirling around aimlessly and finally coming to land on a tree branch or a snowdrift. They gleamed in the pearly half light from the clouds above as a light gust of chill wind blew them harder.

Shivering slightly, the werewolf continued on, his footsteps the only mark of his passing. A lone squirrel dashed by on one side of him, and he jumped slightly, so absorbed in his thoughts he hadn’t noticed its presence. Sirius had dominated his mind as of late, as had the events of the past few days, and now the past few minutes. Was the Animagus really serious about all of this, or was he just fooling around…?

The shorter boy knew that he himself wasn’t; his feelings for Sirius had surfaced from the depths of his mind a little over half a year ago, at the end of the last school year. All summer he had pined for his friend, seeing him as often as he could, and yet never seeing him enough. And always he had to share Sirius with the others, especially James. But when they had gone back to Hogwarts, the dog boy had surprised him by confessing the very first week of school.

A startled, but happy nonetheless, Remus had accepted the proffered love and things had progressed to where they were now. But even so…the werewolf still wasn’t sure…

Staring at the weathered wooden door in front of him, Remus blinked. His wandering feet had taken him all the way to the Shrieking Shack without him even noticing. Pushing open the door, he shoved those thoughts from his mind, for now, and shut it again behind him, taking in the familiar dusty room in tired resignation.

This place…so filled with the pain and horrors of his transformations…

Wrapping his arms tightly around himself to ward off the sudden chill that shot up his spine, the teen moved towards one of the board-covered windows and peeked out one of the slits, trying to catch another glimpse of the snowflakes.

Strong arms wrapped around him, covering his own, and a warm, wet mouth trailed its way down his neck. Gasping at the surprise, Remus instinctively titled his head back, allowing the dog boy better access to the creamy skin of his throat. Sirius hummed against the taught skin covering his neck and slipped his tongue out to lap at it. “Feeling a little cold Moony?”

Nodding, but still saying nothing, he turned to face Sirius and put his arms behind the taller boy’s head, crossing them at the wrist.

“Let me return the favor from before then…”

Hands were soon slipping under the robes and clothes once more, skimming over pale skin and sinewy muscle. Calloused fingers caressed his nipples, tweaking them gently, then sliding their way downwards once more. One moved around back, cupping the swell of his buttock, and the other continued the straight path downwards, heading towards the zipper of the werewolf’s jeans.

Nuzzling Sirius’ neck, Remus breathed hotly over his sun-browned skin; it always amazed the shorter boy how Sirius could even manage to keep a slight tan in winter. Probably all those hours outside for Quidditch practice…he mused idly to himself, curious as to how the tanned flesh would taste.

Latching on with his mouth as the wayward hand of his lover made its way inside his boxers, the werewolf suckled lightly, wanting to leave a mark on his lover that would make him his and his alone. A sound halfway between a chuckle and a moan escaped the taller boy’s mouth as he felt Remus’ lips and then teeth on the skin of his neck. A fleeting grin stole across his face as his hand cupped the bulge between the werewolf’s legs…

“You’re insane! That place is haunted by some of the most dangerous ghosts in the area!”

A frustrated growl rumbled from deep within the Animagus’ throat as he heard the hushed, awed voices from outside. Remus didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. Would they ever find some time to themselves?!

Boards creaked as the people outside mounted the steps leading to the door. Hurriedly, the two lovers straightened their clothes and Sirius yanked his scarf up until it covered the purpling mark on his neck. A wry smirk crossed the other boy’s face and he yanked his robes down, yanking at his suddenly tight jeans uncomfortably.

He must have looked more upset than he realized, for Sirius leaned over and whispered softly in his ear, “It’s ok Moony…we would have had to go back soon anyway…”

The doorknob twisted slightly and Sirius stepped down hard on a floorboard, causing it to creak and crack loudly. Remus did the same, adding soft thumps to the noises by tapping his palm of the wall. Dust motes swirled in the half light, dislodged from their resting places by the two below.

Startled shouts and a few high-pitched screams sounded from outside and the sound of receding footsteps gradually grew silent. Lips twitching, the dog boy fought to keep from bursting out laughing, but it was his lover who broke first, sniggers ruining his composure.

The two held hands tightly as they trekked back towards the Hogsmede village, until the trees no longer offered cover and they found themselves once more in the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping. With a regretful look in his eyes, Sirius allowed himself to be dragged away by a whining James—“But I only need to borrow a little bit of money…”—and was soon left to his own devices to finish his shopping.

The next day was the day before Christmas Eve and all day the boys found themselves surrounded by people, with never a moment for themselves. All that passed between them was a stolen kiss in the morning light of the dorms, before the others awoke.

But every time the Animagus met his eyes, Remus could see the longing in them and knew it was mirrored in his own. And still the day dragged on, with never a private moment.

Even that night gave them no peace, for who in their right mind would go to bed early on their Christmas vacation? All night and into the early morning, a fire roared in the common room and the Gryffindors who had stayed behind sat before it and told stories and jokes, passing around several jugs of purloined pumpkin juice and a few plates of cookies.

Eventually the crowds cleared out, but by then the two boys were too tired to do anything but steal another kiss before going to bed themselves. Remus curled up in his bed with a growing sense of disappointment gnawing at his stomach. Confusion was added to the mix when he discovered that he really was anticipating what his tall lover had in store for him.


Christmas Eve dawned crisp and fresh with a new coat of snow covering all footprints and animal tracks outside. Flurries fell all day, matching the flurries of wrapping paper, ribbons, and tags that swirled around inside the school.

Just as Remus finished wrapping the last of his gifts, Sirius burst into the room and wrapped his strong arms around the werewolf from behind. “I can’t take this anymore…” he murmured against the skin of the other boy’s neck. “I want you so bad…”

Shivering at the words Sirius used rather than the tone of his voice, Remus swallowed hard, trying to find the voice to answer his lover. “I--”

“Come on! I just have a few more to wrap!” Pounding footsteps forced them apart as it had so cruelly done all vacation and they resigned themselves to their separate beds, each with a look of misery in their eyes.

“Oh cheer up!” James said helpfully. “It’s Christmas Eve! And Santa always gives presents to good little boys…” His eyes sparkled mischievously as he said this, and his mouth twisted in a knowing smirk.

But before the werewolf or the dog could ask what he meant, a few other boys tramped into the room, trying to peek at all the gifts a little early. This distracted James, and soon all hope of deciphering his cryptic words was gone.

Lunch and the afternoon Christmas hype seemed to drag on and on for the two lovers. Another snow battle was waged good-naturedly between the Gryffindor and Hufflepuff dorms later that afternoon, which ended abruptly by a guerilla-warfare-style attack by the Ravenclaws.

Dinner was a large affair with lots of food and candles, but Remus couldn’t find the appetite to eat more than a little pudding and even Sirius didn’t eat any more than half a bowl of pudding and several platefuls of turkey.

They trudged back to the dorm and went straight upstairs, hoping to have a few moments to themselves as the others stayed downstairs to have a little party of sorts. But fate was still against them, for James and Peter followed, both seeming very much awake.

Another agonizing hour followed as the Quidditch player talked endlessly, not seeming to realize that he wasn’t really getting a response from anyone other than Peter, who was hanging onto his every word.

When he paused for a breath, Sirius faked a yawn and lay back on his bed. “Well, I think about ready to turn in.” Remus shot him a grateful look.

“Oh,” James replied, his smirk from before returning ten-fold. He stood and gathered his pillows and blankets from the bed, waiting for Peter to do the same.

“Peter and I are sleeping by the fire tonight,” he announced in a drawling voice, his eyes glinting wickedly. “All night. It’s been a bit chilly up in these dorms as of late…G’night!” And stifling his chuckles as best he could, he left the dorm with Peter in tow, shutting the door firmly behind him.

The two lovers remained frozen in their places for several long moments. Finally, Remus stood uncertainly, staring at the door. “Do you…do you think he knows?” he croaked.

As if suddenly fueled into motion, Sirius left to his feet and bounded over his own bed to the werewolf’s, tackling him and sending them both sprawling. “I don’t know and I don’t care!” he growled, dropping his head down to Remus’ and pressing their lips together almost violently. “I’ve been waiting for this moment since before vacation even started! Nothing’s going to stop me now; I don’t care if the whole damn school is watching!”

Staring at his lover, Remus suddenly burst out into laughter. Confusion stole over the other boy’s face. Shaking his head, as he wasn’t able to speak, Remus pulled his lover’s head back down, letting the warm mouth stifle his laughter. When he had calmed, he rested his forehead against Sirius’ and smiled at him. “That was the best Christmas present anyone ever gave me…”

The Animagus snorted. “I bet it’s not half as good as what I’m about to give you now.”

Smirking, Remus replied, “Prove me wrong.”

“Gladly.” The larger boy grinned wickedly and quickly divested the other of his shirt. Leaning down, he kissed the smooth chest and began to lick his way around the nipples. Fidgeting beneath him, Remus began tugging at Sirius’ own shirt soon after the other boy had taken one hardened nub between his teeth. “Siri…us…” he panted, feeling the pressure from above on his groin.

Gentle fingertips skimmed down his sides, causing him to shudder, before the taller boy moved away to tear off his shirt and throw it to the side. The werewolf stared up at him, quiet admiration shining in his eyes. The sculpted chest immediately drew his attention and he half sat up, running his palms curiously over the warm skin.

“Moony…” Sirius groaned, feeling the light touch of hands on his body. His pants were getting more and more uncomfortable with each passing second, so he took it upon himself to relieve both him and his lover of the offending clothing articles.

Remus blushed slightly as his pants were tossed away, much in the same way their shirts had been. He was acutely aware of the bulge in not only his boxers, but Sirius’ as well, and he trembled at the thought of what was coming to him.

The hands continued to caress his body, tracing his ribs, and the outlines of muscle beneath his skin. The light, insistent touch of the other boy’s tongue on his nipples drove him wild, causing him to twist and squirm beneath the larger body.

Slowly, Sirius lowered calloused hands to the waistband of the other boy’s boxers. When he received no objections, he slid them down inside, one yanking the undergarment off, the other griping the hardened flesh inside.

Gasping, Remus arched his back at the first caress from Sirius’ hand on his erection. The rough hand was tender, yet it elicited such a longing inside of him that he felt overwhelmed. The delicious pleasure continued as the other boy rubbed his hand slowly up and down the rigid shaft, bringing his other hand down to gingerly cup the heavy ball sac.

Sirius squeezed gently, his hand becoming slick with pre cum and he inquisitively lowered his shaggy head to the shining organ.

His own name echoed loudly in his ears as Remus shouted it and arched his back sharply off the bed, heels digging into the soft mattress. His nimble fingers wound themselves tightly around the dog boy’s head, trembling and shaking as the pleasure swept over him in a wave.

Delighted at the response he was receiving, Sirius took Remus’ erection further into his mouth, humming around the hard flesh. He tasted slightly salty, painting the warm cavern of his mouth with a taste that was purely Remus Lupin. Lapping at the underside of the organ, he sucked hard, wanting more of this taste.

With a howl, the werewolf came in his mouth, seed shooting out hot and fast from his throbbing length. Sirius was surprised, but swallowed most of it nonetheless, drops of it leaking out the corners of his mouth. Tremors wracked Remus’ body as his orgasm continued; his lover watched greedily, drinking in the sight of him with his head thrown back and his mouth hanging open, giving voice to his pleasure.

When he finally let the limp member drop from his lips, Sirius crawled back up the shorter boy’s body and kissed him lovingly.

Remus could taste himself in Sirius’ mouth and he nearly shied away. It was strange, being able to taste your essence in the mouth of another. Breaking the kiss off as he felt the other boy’s erection pressing against him, he glanced down, then back up into the face of his lover. An unvoiced question shone in the depths of his eyes.

The werewolf took a deep breath. He had reached a point of no return…if things continued on as they were, there would be no going back…ever. He hesitated a mere fraction of a moment before nodding slightly, and spreading his legs wide to reveal his most secret place to his lover.

Carnal desire mixed with love and joy in the dog boy’s eyes as he felt Remus’ legs move open beneath him. Kissing him again, he twined his tongue around the werewolf’s and ground his hips downward, feeling the other boy beginning to stiffen once more.

His own member was painfully hard and shining in the half-light from the candles in the room as he slowly slid himself down the smaller boy’s body, coming to rest between his legs, his head only inches away from Remus’ most shameful place. Glancing back up at his lover once more, he found an overwhelming mix of love and trust shining out of dark eyes that held his own.

Rubbing one large hand along the length of his member, Sirius slicked his fingers, panting at the pleasure he gave himself. It was now Remus turn to watch greedily as the sight of Sirius half pleasuring himself drove searing heat to his member once more.

Bit by bit, the Animagus eased the first finger into the werewolf’s tight entrance. Fidgeting a little at the discomfort, Remus shuddered and closed his eyes. It was at that precise moment that the dog boy decided to add a second finger. Almost simultaneously, he deep throated his lover as best he could, sucking hard to distract him from the pain he was sure to feel.

Still writhing, but now from a mixture of both pleasure and pain, Remus threw back his head and moaned loudly. Sirius had begun to move his fingers inside the werewolf’s passage and had found that one special spot that caused fireworks to explode behind his closed eyelids.

Stroking the smaller boy’s prostate a few more times, the dog Animagus watched carefully as he slipped in the third and final finger. He scissored the three gently, and when he received no outbursts of pain nor discomfort from his lover, he slipped them free and rose up to hover over the panting form lying on the bed.

Eyes opening slowly, Remus stared up into the waiting face of Padfoot. Wrapping his arms around the taller boy’s neck, he spread his legs a little more as he felt the other boy’s weeping erection pressing against his entrance. “I love you, Moony,” Sirius whispered in his ear, and thrust all the way into him.

With a howl, Remus began to shake as he felt himself being filled to capacity, the walls of his channel being stroked mercilessly by the member of the other boy. Panting, he held on tighter to Sirius’ neck and tried to get used to the sensation, glad that, for once, Sirius was patient enough to wait for him to adjust.

After several agonizingly long moments on Sirius’ part, he felt a pair of slender legs wrap themselves around his waist. Taking this as the signal that Remus was ready to begin, he pulled out slowly, about halfway, and gently pushed back in. With a whimper, the werewolf pressed his hips up further on his own and clenched his muscles around the stiff organ.

The Animagus gasped as he saw stars. He could no longer hold back. Pulling all the way out this time, he slammed back into Remus with all the force he could manage and watched with satisfaction as the smaller boy screamed in pleasure; he had found the right spot. Angling his thrusts just right, he continued to pound the werewolf’s prostate as he took his own pleasure from the tight channel and sounds of ecstasy being torn from his lover’s mouth.

Remus felt as if he were being ripped in half. But who could have ever known it would feel so good? Moaning and panting and yelling Sirius’ name, he met the taller boy thrust for thrust, clamping his passage tight around the bliss-giving erection. He could feel Sirius’ hand grasp his own member once more as he still struck the werewolf’s prostate with nearly every thrust.

Both boys were losing what little control they had left. A few more hard thrusts and both were arching their backs in rapture, roaring each other’s names to the heavens above. Remus felt his come coat both their abdomens and chests, and felt Sirius’ own strike his sweet spot deep inside him. This only served to further his pleasure and he trembled with the force of his orgasm.

Sirius too was washed away in the tide. He could feel the muscles of the werewolf’s passage clamping and twitching around his erection as he came deep inside the body of his lover. His own body trembled as he too found himself besieged by an orgasm so intense, it seemed to take an eternity to recede.

When they finally came down from their highs, they collapsed into each other’s arms and spent the next several minutes simply regaining their breaths.

The dog Animagus was the first to come around, chuckling weakly.

Remus looked at him tiredly, a warm glow enveloping his sweat and come coated body as he smiled at his lover. “What is it? What’s so funny?”

Shaking his shaggy head, Sirius brushed his lips over the smaller boy’s and said, “That was the best Christmas present James ever gave me…”

Smacking the taller boy’s arm lightly, Remus Lupin couldn’t help but laugh as he pulled his lover into another tight hug. But no matter how he might have tried to deny it. Sirius was right. This was the best Christmas present James, or anyone else for that matter, had ever given them.

“I love you too, Sirius,” he whispered as they both drifted tiredly into the realm of sleep and dreams where everyday was Christmas and every present was just as good as James’.


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