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Challenge & Summary: Full Moon # 11 - The pups discover Muggle smutty magazines or even good old-fashioned Muggle porn.
Author Notes: Without Ni's support, encouragment and ideas, I would probably never write a damn thing. Without Oona's help, Patience and grammar, you wouldn't want to read anything I did write. I owe them both more than you can imagine.

"There, right there, did you see, Peter?" James and Peter had a photograph between them, about three inches away from their faces. Remus stood for a moment trying to figure out what they were up to this time. There were days when his friends made no sense to him. He looked to Sirius, who had walked into the room behind him. Sirius seemed equally confused by his friends. "What are you two wankers doing?"

James looked up, giving the picture to Peter. "It's Molvina Sanguine from Venus Eclipse, and if you watch there's one way she moves where you can see her pants." His smile was proud but his eyes kept blinking behind his glasses, trying to focus on his friends. Remus didn't want to guess at how many hours he'd spent trying to see the singer's knickers.

"I saw them!" Peter waved the photo toward his friends. Remus had seen that picture before. It was from a magazine James had bought last Hogsmeade weekend. Remus didn't understand the fascination with Molvina. She was pretty enough, if a little too thin, but there were prettier girls right at Hogwarts. Maybe the fact that she was famous made her more attractive; he didn't know. He'd tried to ask once, but James hadn't really explained why she was prettier than the girls they saw every day.

Sirius grabbed the picture from Peter's hand. "You could see them, really? What color are they?" He held the photo at an angle, as though it would give him a better view of a two dimensional image.

"They're white." Peter blushed as he said it. Peter blushed a lot. Most of the time Remus couldn't guess what he was blushing for. They all looked at the women around them, they all thought about them, they all touched themselves thinking about them. But Peter for some reason blushed when they talked about it- even in the most delicate terms.

James, however, was not always one for delicacy. "You can see her hair through them." He snatched the photo back from Sirius. "You have to wait until she sits back down. It takes a while but it's worth it. I know Peter will be dreaming of this one for weeks."

Remus piled his books and notes back in his trunk. He separated out the notes for Sirius to keep from their tutoring session. He smiled at how well it had gone. He had no doubt Sirius would pass the upcoming exam, he knew he would be responsible for that. Sirius might be one of the brightest students at Hogwarts, but his knowledge of Muggles was abysmal. Remus had spent the better part of a Saturday teaching him the concept of a Monarchy, which he thought a Black should have understood intuitively. How could it take two hours to explain the Divine Right of Kings to a boy who had grown up in a family still governed by it?

Remus didn't mind spending the day tutoring Sirius, seeing now that the alternative would have been watching Peter and James ogle a picture. But it was already November, and this was likely to be one of the last nice days of the year. He refused to spend the rest of it inside.

Remus picked up his broom and looked at the others expectantly; they didn't notice. All three sets of eyes were focused on Molvina Sanguine. He waited.

They still didn't notice. "Anyone up for flying?" He knew James was always ready for a spin around the Quidditch pitch.

Only this time he wasn't. "Are you kidding?" James looked up. "How can you think of flying at a time like this?"

"You're really going to waste a whole Saturday in here trying to catch a glimpse of her underwear?" Remus didn't try to keep the astonishment out of his voice.

"It's not just a matter of seeing her pants, it's knowing what's under them." Sirius didn't even look up as he spoke.

"Okay, but I am going flying. Why don't you just buy a nude magazine and get it over with? Then you won't have to spend hours seeing nothing." It was already after lunch and he hadn't stepped out of Gryffindor Tower all day.

"What do you mean?" Remus turned back from the door as James spoke. All three of his friends were now looking at him.

"I mean I am going out. I want to spend my weekend flying and having fun." Remus thought that would be obvious and not at all worthy of the looks of shock on his friend's faces.

"What do you mean by a nude magazine, you dolt?" Sirius said.

"I mean nude magazines. Haven't any of you ever seen them?" Remus could tell by their faces that none of them had. He was a little shocked by this. He knew he was in many ways the least worldly of them; it was natural, considering his condition and the isolation it had caused him and his family. "There are Muggle magazines, and I would assume Wizarding ones, where they print pictures of women naked. Sometimes they'll be having sex with a man or a woman, but they're always naked."

His friends were all looking at him, Molvina forgotten. Peter was blushing. Sirius was smiling. James was getting up and walking over to him.

"And you see everything?" Sirius asked.


"Remus, where did you see these magazines? Do you have any?" James was using his careful voice; softer and more gentle than usual. He'd used it a lot with Remus their first year or so, before he and Remus had really known each other well. At the time, Remus hadn't understood what that tone meant. Now he did. When James spoke like that it meant he didn't want to mess up what he was saying and he was afraid he would offend or confuse if he weren't careful. Remus knew the tone meant that James was serious about this.

"My cousin Michael, he's a Muggle, I don't know if I've told you about himů" He knew he hadn't. Only Sirius really heard about Remus' family. James and Peter both came from close-knit families; Remus didn't think they would understand that you could be related to someone and not see them often or know them. "He has a box of magazines under his bed. He showed me a few of them last year." Michael had said something about it being only natural for 14-year-old boys to see them.

"You'll be staying with his family again over the holidays, won't you?" Sirius' smile grew. Remus could see the plan forming in his head. Remus knew he had them.

"I will see him. And I could see about clipping a magazine or two. Provided, of course, you agree to leave this room and come flying with me."

The other three were out the door, brooms in hand, before Remus could blink again.


When Remus was little, he had loved the holidays like other children did. He had loved the presents and the family dinner, the atmosphere of joy and belonging and magic that had nothing to do with wands or wizards but belonged to laughing aunts and uncles and Christmas crackers. That had ended when he was bitten. After that he hadn't seen his extended family much, didn't know his cousins as they grew. It wasn't until he started school and his parents thought he could be trusted not to let any secrets slip that he saw them again. Then it was only once a year. He would spend a few days with his mum's sister and her children.

That first Christmas had been horrible. Michael was three years older than Remus, and had talked in ways and of things that Remus didn't understand. It had been worse than being at school; at least there he only had to lie about being a werewolf, not about being a wizard as well. By the holidays that first year, he had begun to understand the boys at school- at least a little. He'd already known that when Sirius laughed, it didn't always mean something was funny and that when James said something was cool the others thought it was as well. With Michael, he'd had no idea how things stood. He hadn't known when Michael was serious or joking, or how to react in either case most of the time. He remembered that first Christmas back with his relatives as the most awkward two days of his life.

Now, Christmas of his fourth year, Remus knew better. He was more used to talking to people his own age. He still didn't always get what Michael was on about, but now he was more able to fake it. He knew when to laugh and when to nod even if he didn't know what was funny or what he was agreeing to.

It still wasn't odd for Remus to go off alone for a little while, when no one else was really noticing him. That was how he was able to sneak into Michael's room after the first night's dinner. He closed and locked the door behind him. He wanted to charm it shut, but he knew if his parents caught him using magic in a Muggle house they would be harder on him than the Ministry.

The box was under the bed, in the same place it had been last year when Michael showed it to him. It was large and brown with Dr. Marten written across it. Lifting off the lid, Remus saw that there were more magazines than there had been. There had to be two dozen in there. He felt better about taking a few. Michael wasn't likely to notice one or two missing from that many.

Remus took the list out of his pocket. He'd spent a few days taking notes of what his friends wanted. He had asked them once, but that got him nothing but blushing and babbling. Instead he just noticed what they talked about when they were discussing girls. James liked thin blondes, Sirius liked tall brunettes, Peter liked big breasts. James mentioned women on top once. Peter talked more about breasts. His notes went on, but were all pretty simple. He figured he would be able to find something for all of them.

Remus moved the top handful of magazines out of the way. He didn't want to take any of Michael's favorites. He put those magazines face down, careful to keep them in the order he found them in. He took out the next magazine. The woman on the cover was lying down with her legs open and her fingers inside herself. Remus could hardly stand to look at it. Her body was too open, like a wound or raw meat. The look of ecstasy on her face was too obviously feigned, grotesque. His friends wanted to see naked women, but he couldn't imagine they wanted to see them like that.

The next magazine was more what Remus expected to see. The blond on the cover was wearing lace panties and rabbit ears. Michael had explained to him that this magazine had a thing about putting women in rabbit ears. Remus flipped through the pages. The women were almost all naked, all beautiful. The blond from the cover was shown a lot. Remus knew James would like her. Not only was she blond but her nipples were candy pink; that was item thirteen on his list. Her breasts were sufficient, but not large. He still thought she would please Peter. He usually agreed with James, nodded as James talked about what he wanted, only adding in his comments about breasts. Remus set that magazine aside and picked up the next.

He flipped through so many magazines, looked at pictures of women and men doing anything and everything he'd ever thought or heard of. It all began to blur together in his mind. The list, the women, his friends, the men, the adverts, his arousal, his anxiety knowing that he'd been gone too long and someone was bound to come fetch any moment all combined to quicken his heart and slow his mind. He shook his head, trying to regain his focus. He needed to find a second issue, one that covered a few more of the items on his list

The next one he picked up showed couples or groups of people having sex. The quality of the photographs wasn't as good as the other magazine he'd set aside, but there were couplings and positions in there that weren't on his list- things he didn't think even James had imagined. There were women of every size, shape and color; surely they would fit all of the requirements of the list. Many of the men were older, but still attractive. The men were unimportant; his friends already knew what men looked like naked.

Remus set that magazine aside and made sure as he put the others back in the same order as Michael kept them. He didn't want to disturb Michael's system and risk being caught. He closed the box and slid it back under the bed. The two magazines he was keeping were hid at the very bottom of his suitcase, under the bag he'd brought to put his dirty clothes in. He stacked everything neatly on top; no one looking in the case would realize he'd messed about with itů not that there was anyone likely to look in his suitcase, but it was always better to be prepared.

Once everything was squared away, Remus let out a sigh of relief. This task had been weighing on him since he'd agreed to it weeks earlier. He was pleased to have it done; he knew his friends would enjoy the Christmas gifts he had for them this year.

Remus smiled. He was glad to be able to share something with them, to teach them something for once. James had taught him how to fly, Peter had taught him Exploding Snaps and Sirius had been the one to tell him about life in the city. Remus had had little experience outside of school and his family's secluded home- but now, for once, he would be able to share something with his friends. Remus was going from his aunt's house straight back to Hogwarts, sparing himself a week of his parent's ministrations. He would only have a few days to worry at being found out, then he would get to tell Sirius.


The door to the dorm had barely closed behind them when Sirius asked, "So, did you get the magazine?"

Remus smiled with relief. He'd been back at school for two hours and Sirius hadn't said a word about it. He had been beginning to think that his friend had forgotten. All through dinner, he'd waited for Sirius to say something about it. He'd known Sirius couldn't ask outright, not when the handful of students staying over the break were all seated together with the professors. Still, he'd expected one of Sirius' sly smiles and a mention of the gift.

"I got two of them," Remus grinned at the look of delight on Sirius' face. "They may smell like socks though, I hid them in my dirty laundry bag." Sirius laughed with him.

Remus hung up his robe and dug through his trunk for his favorite pajamas. He had intentionally left them at school, not wanting to risk leaving them at his aunt's house. They were too short and, the elastic was almost useless, but so soft he still slept in them almost every night. Finding them, Remus turned to leave for the washroom. That was when he realized Sirius was still staring at him.

"So?" Sirius looked expectant, maybe a little nervous.

"So what?" Remus couldn't think how his getting ready for bed had Sirius confused.

"So where are the magazines?"

"In my bag. I though we should wait for Peter and James." The magazines, like so much in their lives, were a group endeavor. It hadn't occurred to Remus to look through them without the others there; he hadn't looked at them at all since he'd put them in his case.

Sirius, apparently, had other ideas. "They aren't coming back for another 5 days!"

"But we should still wait for them, it's only fair." Remus didn't want his other friends upset if they found they'd missed out.

"They'll come back with stories about how wonderful their holiday was, and we'll have to have something to show for ours. James' stories of his brother's escapades and Peter's mother's cooking are nothing compared to this." He motioned vaguely toward Remus' bag, still sitting between their beds. "Besides, you know once James gets a hold of them, we'll never see them again."

Remus knew Sirius had a point. Remus wanted something to show for his holiday, a chance for once to be the one with the best story to tell, not just the most interesting or the most painful - his lycanthropy made sure he always won those categories. This time he and Sirius could have the coolest holiday story. "Okay, just let me get changed first."

By the time Remus returned from the bath, Sirius was in his pajamas and nearly bouncing in anticipation. He hadn't opened Remus' bag, but he had it on the bed in front of him, waiting. Remus sat at the foot of Sirius' bed, with the bag between them. Without a word, he brought out the first magazine- the one with the woman in rabbit ears on the cover.

Sirius' smile broadened, "So bring it here." He moved over, making room for Remus next to him. "Oh, she's one for James," Sirius laughed.

"I thought so too. I know he likes blondes." Remus was glad to see he'd been right about James' tastes.

"It's not just that she's blond, she has green eyes. If he worked hard enough he could almost pretend it was Lily." The mischievous lift of Sirius' eyebrows told Remus this was something James wouldn't want them talking about. However, Sirius had brought it up, so Remus felt no guilt, only amusement- and a little bit of shock.

"Lily? Lily Evans? But they're always fighting. How can he like her?" Remus looked back and forth between his friend and the naked woman in the magazine.

"Don't ask me, but he does. And he would like Miss December as well," Sirius motioned toward the title at the top of the woman's photograph.

"Anyone would like Miss December."

Sirius laughed again, with only a little embarrassment in it. "You have a point there."

They turned the page and came to another woman- taller, darker and with much larger breasts. "This one I though Peter would like." Remus said, wanting to know if he was right on that count as well.

"Because of her tits?" Sirius looked at the photograph, not smiling as he had for the last one.

"Yeah, that seems to be his main interest." Remus had the feeling Sirius didn't care for this one. He didn't know why. She fit almost all of the things Remus had listed for his friend: tall, with brown hair and a strong build.

"Or it's the only thing he can say without blushing himself into a coma. I liked the last woman better. This one's ass is too flat." Sirius turned the page. Remus hadn't heard him talk about liking a certain shape of ass. It hadn't been on his list. But there were a lot more women he still thought Sirius would appreciate.

"Look at her! Now, that my friend is a woman. Where do they find women like that? I've never seen one. Can you imagine if she went here? Every man in the school down to Dumbledore would be after her." Sirius didn't look away from the magazine at all as he spoke. Remus smiled to know that Sirius had found a woman he liked, that his gift hadn't failed.

Sirius paused for a second, his face becoming sober. "Well, almost every man. I don't think Filtch cares for any woman who doesn't have fur." Laughter tore out of Remus' chest, taking any anxiety or embarrassment with it. Sirius' joined him.

They flipped a few more pages to the end of the book. "You said there was another magazine?"

Remus reached over to his bag. "This one is a different," he warned before handing it to Sirius.

Sirius looked at the cover. A woman was on her hands and knees; there was a man behind her, deep inside her. They both had looks of pleasure near to pain on their faces. "I would say so." There was something near awe in Sirius' voice.

As soon as Sirius opened to the first picture he laughed. "I didn't know it was possible to bend like that."

Remus looked at the woman in the photograph, her legs thrown back and open, her body at an angle he'd never imagined. "It must hurt."

Sirius smiled a little, but didn't look up as he spoke. "They don't look like they're in pain."

Remus didn't answer. He couldn't imagine what it felt like. Not just the position, but any of it. To be inside someone like that. He'd looked at the photos before and never given any real thought to what the things he saw must feel like. He imagined real sex would be nothing like doing it himself. It would be different- sweaty and intimate. Feeling someone else's skin and heat, tasting, hearing them all at once. Remus was overwhelmed just thinking about it.

"Too bad these aren't wizarding pictures. I would like to see them move."

Remus had been so caught up in the picture, in his imagination that he had almost forgotten Sirius was there until he spoke. He hadn't felt this way looking at them alone, when he was mostly worried about getting caught and finding something his friends would like. Nor had he felt this with his cousin a year ago; then he'd only worried about giving the right impression, seeming like a normal boy. With Sirius he was more comfortable.

Remus was hard from looking at the photos. Sitting like they were, the book on their knees between them, there was no hiding it from Sirius. He glanced over to see if Sirius had noticed.

He didn't think so. Sirius was looking at the pictures intently, not sparing a glance for Remus, thankfully. Remus saw that Sirius' pants were tented around his erection as well. Remus turned his attention back to the book.

Sirius turned the page. It was the same couple, only now she was on her knees in front of him with his cock in her mouth. Remus was transfixed by the look on his face, head thrown back, eyes closed and lips parted; the very picture of ecstasy. Remus could only imagine what that would feel like. To have someone's mouth around him, their tongue and lips moving over his flesh. He moved his tongue in his mouth, noticing the way it felt on his palate and imagining what it would feel like to have that on his most sensitive areas: strong, wet and hot. Remus didn't even notice the gasp his breath made as he released it.

He did notice Sirius looking at him. When Sirius' eyes moved down to his lap, Remus realized he was stroking himself through his pajama bottoms. Sirius' eyes widened. Remus shrugged; he knew wanking was something all of them did. Sirius turned his attention back to the magazine. Remus saw him move his hand under the waistband of his shorts.

Remus unbuttoned his pants and began stoking himself. He was fully hard and every movement of his hand felt tremendous. Spreading the liquid over his sensitive cock, he tried to keep a slow pace as he imagined the woman in the photograph. He closed his eyes and pictured her head in his lap, imagined that her mouth was covering him, swallowing him.

Sirius moaned, breaking Remus from his imaginings again. Sirius had his shorts pulled down, his cock in his hand. Remus had never seen someone else like that before: Sirius' eyes closed and his head tilted back, his rough breathing through parted lips, the sound of his hand moving up and down over him was too much for Remus. He couldn't look away as he stroked himself more fiercely.

Sirius opened his eyes and looked at Remus; neither of them slowed down their movements. Sirius smiled. Remus knew they are sharing something primal and human and young and unique. Something neither of them had shared with anyone else before.

Remus reached over and touched Sirius - just a small touch, feeling the smooth head of his friend's cock under his fingers. Sirius took in a sharp breath and looked at Remus. Remus didn't register the shock on Sirius' face. He knew what he was doing, what he wanted. He lowered his hand, moving Sirius' away, and began stroking Sirius' erection.

The look on Sirius' face changed quickly to one of pleasure. He didn't close his eyes again. They both watched Remus' hand moving.

Sirius' cock felt strange under his hand, alien yet familiar. He knew how it felt when he squeezed, how good it was to run his thumb over the exposed head, drawing more liquid down under his fingers. It was amazing to be doing that to someone else. To have the action but not the sensation. To see the reaction on someone else's face, to hear it in someone else's panting breaths.

Remus began stroking himself. Left handed- it was awkward but it didn't matter. As Sirius' hips moved up, thrusting into Remus' hand and his breathing became moaning, Remus felt like fire was running through him. The slightest touch to his own cock was enough to have him panting and moaning with Sirius.

Sirius threw his head back and grunted. His cock spasmed in Remus' hand as he came. Remus felt all of the electricity, all the heat and tension that had built up in him, come together as his balls tightened. The world went white for a second as his orgasm overcame him harder than he'd ever imagined.

When Remus came back to himself and opened his eyes, he was still stroking Sirius' softening penis. Sirius' eyes were still closed, his lips still parted and breath panting. Remus felt lightheaded. Intoxicated from his own climax and knowing that he'd done that for someone else, for Sirius. He felt like all of the nerves in his body were on fire.

He stopped stroking Sirius. Sirius opened his eyes, but didn't look at Remus. He pulled up his shorts and picked up the magazine that had fallen out of the way unnoticed at some point. Remus closed his pants and climbed off the bed without looking at Sirius.

Sirius' embarrassment was palpable. In his now lucid mind, Remus saw that he and Sirius had just done something that boys don't do. He didn't know for sure if it was their wanking together or his touching Sirius- getting Sirius off. But he could feel the awkwardness in the room as they both avoided looking at each other.

Remus made an escape to the bathroom. He brushed his teeth and washed up. He knew Sirius wasn't mad at him; he was very familiar with what that looked like and how to correct it. This was new, and Remus had no idea what to do about it. He thought that going to sleep was the best option. Sirius, if there was something that had to be done, would be the one to do it. That was the way it usually worked with the two of them. Remus knew that he was different, that his friends sometimes understood him as little as he understood them. His upbringing more than his lycanthropy has marked him this way.

But Sirius understood him better than the others. Sirius at least knew what it was like to live with shame and pain. He understood Remus well enough that Remus was sure he would know how to dispel the awkwardness between them. At least Remus hoped he would, because Remus didn't know what to do.

Remus came back to the dorm and Sirius left for the bathroom. By the time Sirius got back, Remus was in bed.

Sirius shut off the light. "Good night, Remus." His voice was quiet, but not too low for Remus to hear the tension still in it.

"Good night, Sirius." He tried to make his response as natural as he could. Like every other night. After a minute, Sirius laughed; not the loud laugh Remus usually heard from him, but still with genuine amusement. It was another moment before Sirius spoke again, the tension in his voice replaced with humor, "I think it would be better if we only gave James and Peter the one magazine. I don't want to see their reaction to the second one."

Remus laughed with him. "Good point, Sirius. There are some things I wouldn't want to see or hear."

The tension in the room lightened with their laughter, as was often the case. As Remus closed his eyes, Sirius spoke again. "If you want, we could finish looking through that one tomorrow night."

Remus smiled. "Yeah, we only made it to page two." Remus didn't know what had changed, but he didn't think that mattered much.

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