Welcome Home, Harry

Author: LilaPotter
Rating: PG-13ish
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Challenge & Summary: Challenge FM #10: Sirius, Remus and Harry have fallen into a comfortable family relationship... until Harry brings home a boyfriend. (Harry should be 16-20 years old) Harry brings home his boyfriend the summer after 7th year. Sirius is not best pleased.
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The sun was rising slowly over the small, nondescript cottage hidden deep in the woods. Really, it wasn’t rising any more slowly than was its usual speed, but to the cottage’s occupants, it wasn’t rising nearly quickly enough and therefore fell under the category of ‘slowly’.

For today, you see, was a very special day. Consequently, Remus Lupin and Sirius Black were far too excitable to spend he night sleeping, oh no. You see, that would be unforgivable. Quite unforgivable. Almost as unforgivable as Avada Kedavra…but you see, if it weren’t for that particular Unforgivable, the current situation would not be happening at all and that wouldn’t leave much of a story to tell.

Harry was coming home for the summer holidays.

Now this in itself was not overly remarkable, the little nondescript cottage had been his ‘home’ for the past two years now and each holiday he came back to it and the crazy mixed up life he led with his adoptive family.

But there was more to it. He was bringing home his boyfriend. And neither Sirius nor Remus had a clue who he was. Harry could be quite secretive sometimes…and he’d done a damn good job with this one.

Now it would seem at first that excitement would be over the fact that Harry Potter, Savior of the Wizarding World at the Age of 15, was gay. Well, it’s pretty hard to phase (in reference to sexuality at least) an ex-convict and werewolf who also happen to be just that- gay that is. Well, they might have been bothered if Harry suddenly decided he wanted to be a kneazle or that he wanted to have sex with say…a flower. Despite the anatomical impossibility of it.

No, the excitement stemmed from the fact that A- they hadn’t known he was gay, B- had certainly not known he had a boyfriend, and C- THEY DIDN’T HAVE A CLUE WHO IT WAS.

Which really wasn’t fair at all.


In fact, Harry had a good idea about the chaos that was likely awaiting him. In fact, it was with a giant smirk that he knocked on the cottage’s front door.

Exactly 12 minutes and 32 seconds late.

The door swung open the moment Harry’s hand touched the wood to reveal a very disgruntled Sirius Black who looked like he’d spent at LEAST that last 12 minutes and 32 seconds pacing a hole into the floor. Remus was sitting at the table just beyond him, strained amusement evident on his face.

“Good Morning, Harry.” Remus stated as Harry walked in. He opened his mouth to continue, but was quickly cut off by Sirius.

“So where is this bloke? Is he here? Where is he? You said you were bringing him-!”

Remus walked up behind Sirius and placed his hand on his shoulder. Some of the tension in him immediately faded away.

“We’re not late, are we?” another voice suddenly piped up from behind the door. Sirius and Remus looked up to see about the last person they would have ever expected.

Because there, standing in the door of their nice, homey little cottage, was none other than Draco Malfoy.

It was one of those moments when everything seemed to stop. Almost as though someone had cast a curse to freeze time just for a moment as Sirius turned and stared, slack-jawed. After a few minutes, Remus lightly closed it to keep out the flies.

“Remus, Sirius. I’d like you to meet Draco.”


“Uh- errrrhummm…DRACO MALFOY?!” For some reason, whenever Sirius regained his speaking abilities, they came across very, very loudly.

“Well I can’t exactly think of any other Dracos, can you? Especially not those that have such refined cheekbones and perfect hair.” Harry stated, laughing. Sirius just glowered.

Draco strode forward at that point and held out his hand to Sirius. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Black-“

“Sirius, not much fond of the family name most days.”

“Sirius then. But it is good to meet you. And Professor Lupin, I hope you don’t take too much stock in my behavior in third year. I like to think I’ve changed a bit since then.”

“Just Remus, please.” Remus stated, bemused.


And silence reigned. For a full five minutes.

“Well, this is distinctly uncomfortable.” Remus stated as the five minutes drew to a close. “What would you lot say to some tea?”

Sirius nodded as both Harry and Draco voiced their assent.


Tea passed quickly, mostly in silence with small attempts by everyone except Sirius, who seemed to be in shock, at mild chatter. Harry offered to do the dishes, and Draco volunteered to ‘help’, though by the look in his eye and the apparent bulge in his pants, there were likely going to be other activities involved as well. Remus gave Harry a look saying quite clearly ‘don’t you dare break any dishes or I will strangle you, I do not care if you are the Savior of the Wizarding world, you will not break my tea cups’.

Or, at least as clearly as that can be when communicated in a look that lasted no more than 5 seconds.

At the moment, the main issue was Sirius. And his very uncharacteristic lack of verbal communication. He was therefore being forcibly removed from the kitchen and brought to the bedroom.

As soon as the door was shut, Remus found himself with an armload of Sirius who seemed to be connected to his mouth by some means. Not a bad thing, he wasn’t quite sure how it happened, but that was okay.

When Sirius finally detached himself, he sat down heavily on the bed, scowling a bit. Remus sat down beside him, pulling him close.

“Did it have to be MALFOY though? Why not someone else? Like, Ron, or Seamus, or that older bloke, the one that played all the Quidditch- Oliver Wood? Why Malfoy?”

“Because for some reason they make each other happy. And that’s what matters. Why do any of us all for the people we do? Life would be easier if we could chose, but takes away half the joy of finding that perfect person.”

Sirius laughed and rolled his eyes. “Always the thoughtful one, Moony. Too much thinking will hurt that brain of yours one day.”

“I think it’s doing alright so far, after all, it’s not exactly a young brain anymore, but seems to work alright.”

“Ah, hush up Moony. Don’t go reminded me that we’re getting old. Having those two down there is enough.”

Some dull thuds could be heard from the general direction of the kitchen.

Sirius smiled wistfully, “I suppose they do seem happy. It just seems so awkward; it wasn’t what I’d expected in the least. For some reason I always imagined he’d grow up and marry the Weasley girl.”

“And your family thought you’d be in Slytherin, marry a rich, pure blooded Witch and carry on the Black family name. And I don’t think you managed a single one of those.” Remus stated, laughing.

“A fact about which I am QUITE happy, thank you very much.”

The thuds from the kitchen-vicinity were getting louder.

“If they break my tea-cups, there will be hell to-mmmph! Sirius!” Remus suddenly found himself flat on his back, looking up at a smirking Sirius.

“We’re by ourselves, on a bed, and I’m distressed. I think we can be doing more than sitting fretting about dishes.”

Remus was all too happy to comply, and