Truth or Dare

Author: Kim Gray
Rating: NC-17
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Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JK Rowling, various publishers including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books and Raincoast Books, and Warner Bros., Inc. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended. I do not own Harry Potter, its characters, or anything associated with it. I'm not making any money from this story, and I don't intend to.
Challenge & Summary: Challenge FM14:Seduction. One seduces the other: how, when, where and why? and Challenge FM 15: An explanation for why you never say "If you can drink me under the table, you can do whatever you want to with my body" before a drinking competition. It could range from minor confessions of love to anything within reason. James gives a certain Werewolf a dare he's not sure how to complete.
Author's Notes: This was so fun to write. I don't write a lot of smut, so it was so exciting to get down and dirty with my favourite puppies.
Warnings: Nothing terrible, just you're average friendly sex between classmates.

“All right, Remus. It’s your turn!” James called a little too loudly to the frail teenager sitting across from him. “Whaddya pick, mate? Truth or dare?”

“Uhm… well…” Remus Lupin, age fifteen, absently rubbed the back of his neck. He hated this game. They only played it to see him squirm, he was sure of it. Now Remus wished he had had more mead.

“Come on, Remus! We haven’ got ALL night!” Sirius clapped Remus on the back, nearly making him choke. “Just pick one!”

“Fine. I pick tru-”

“And you can’t pick truth this time!” Interrupted Lily Evans, from her seat next to James.

“Then why didn’t you just dare me?” Remus asked indignantly.

“’Cause we hoped you’d finally pick dare.” Peter replied behind a large bottle of butterbeer.

The werewolf sighed and rolled his eyes. “All right… dare me.”

“Brilliant,” James muttered. Rubbing his hands together, he said in a very slow, clear voice, “I dare you… to seduce Sirius and get him to kiss you.”

If there was ever a time that the boys could call Remus pale, this was not it. His cheeks instantly flamed up to the colour of tomatoes. “I… what?”

“You ‘eard me.” James nodded, and downed another mouthful of mead. Sirius grabbed the bottle from him and sloshed some into his own mouth to keep from blushing. He was already have naked due to a previous dare, and didn’t think he could control himself if Remus got too into character.

Remus sighed and turned to Sirius, who was doing everything he could to avoid the golden eyes of his best mate. “Sirius…” Remus began.

Sirius swallowed hard. “…Yes?”

“Look at me, please.”

Black slowly lowered his eyes to stare into the orbs he felt he would be falling into in seconds.

Remus scoot closer to the dark-haired teenager, moving to sit on his knees, which he spread just far enough apart to get Sirius sneaking glances to the space in between. He noticed the werewolf slide even closer, one of Sirius’s knees filling the open space. He nearly shuddered. After what seemed like hours, Remus spoke.

“You’re gorgeous, you know.” Sirius’s head snapped up, eyes wide.

Remus blushed hard and spoke a little quieter, “I’ve liked you for a long time now.”

“What?” Came the squeaky reply.

“I-I really have…” Lupin looked down and blushed even harder. He slowly sat on Sirius’s leg, which caused both of them to shiver slightly.

James and Peter were watching, grinning like idiots. They clinked their bottles together and drank. Lily jut sat unmoving, a blush and a slight grin plastered on her face.

Remus ignored his so-called ‘friends’ as best he could, and continued on. He tentatively reached out and ran a hand lightly through Sirius’s hair. The puppy nearly jumped, a sensation going right through him from one head to another. Remus’ eyelids half closed and he continued his seduction.

“Padfoot… I want you to kiss me.”

“I-I-I… Oh Circe, Moony.” Sirius only wished Remus had said that at the start. He rushed forward and pressed his lips tightly against Remus’.

The wolf didn’t resist. He let Sirius take over, reeling in the kiss he had wanted for over a year. He leaned in closer, his lower half now completely resting on Sirius’s thigh. It made Remus shiver, causing Sirius to moan softly. The group surrounding them had gone completely silent. Both James and Lily had covered Peter’s eyes. All their mouths hung open as they witnessed unrequited love being requited.

Sirius, without once breaking their kiss, grabbed Remus’ shoulders and pushed him back, making him lie on the floor. Sirius clambered on top of him, leg remaining in between his partner’s now-spread ones. Slowly and silently, Lily, James and Peter got off the floor and made their way quickly out of the Gryffindor boys’ dormitory. Whatever happened next they were sure they didn’t want to bear witness to it.

Remus finally forced himself to pull his lips away from Sirius. The only sound the next few minutes was them gasping for breath. The boy on top glanced down at Remus, who was blushing madly and staring up at him. Sirius gave him a crooked smile.

“Woooow…” Was all Remus managed to get out. He panted heavily, looking up at Sirius with a mixed look of relief and lust. Sirius returned the look, bravely pushing his knee up between Remus’ thighs, causing the younger boy to gasp.

Sirius could feel Remus through both their trousers. He was happy to find that the kiss had done to the boy underneath him what it had done to himself. Remus glanced down, and shivered when he saw Sirius’ erection growing quickly.

“Oh Sirius…” he whispered.

The troublemaker grinned, knowing exactly what Remus was looking at. “Yeees…?”

“Sirius… I don’t know if I can…” He wiggled under Sirius, causing his own cock to rub against Sirius’s knee. He moaned softly, not being able to resist the temptation.

Sirius moaned with him, completely ready to be rid of all clothing. He glanced down at the blushing teen and hesitantly asked “Are you sure you…?”

Without having to finish, Remus replied with a whispered “yes.”

That was all he needed. Sirius kissed Remus again, pushing the boy’s mouth open with his tongue and delving in to the succulent warmth inside. Remus moaned louder, his tongue meeting Sirius’s eagerly. Both boys hungrily tasted each other.

Sirius began undoing the buttons of Remus’ shirt as fast as he could, wanting so desperately to be skin against skin. Remus arched his back every time Sirius’s fingers brushed his chest, his body becoming electrified by the attention. He hastily ran his hands down Sirius’ bare chest, feeling his hard nipples and equally hard stomach. The puppy above shivered, moaning as Remus’ fingers found his nipples and played with them as he did on himself when alone. Sirius imitated Remus’ movements, tweaking and stroking Remus’ nipples with one hand. He soon found the scars that littered the younger boy’s body, tracing them one by one.

Remus shivered violently, moaning and breaking the contact between their mouths. “Oh gods, Sirius… the scars…”

“Hmm?” Sirius looked down and traced along another scar. Remus’ skin prickled and he moaned again. The puppy grinned mischievously and did it again, eliciting a longer moan from the teen trapped underneath him. Remus blushed furiously.

“Sirius… please.”

Another grin and soon the troublemaker was sucking on Remus’ neck, while undoing the straining buttons of both their trousers. He gave a relieved moan when his tight erection burst free from its prison. Remus gave a similar gasp when Sirius set him free. He reached down and pushed their trousers off, blushing at the sight of both boys in their knickers. Sirius paused from his task briefly to follow Remus’ gaze. He smiled lustfully toward the cock he had wanted to get his hands and mouth on for ages.

Slowly he sat up, catching Remus’ gaze and winking. Sirius slowly moved backwards. He caught the hem of Remus’ underwear in his fingers and began pulling them down. Remus squirmed, embarrassed by what was going to happen, but wanting it so badly his erection throbbed with need. The puppy licked his lips and Remus’ cock came into full view, so hard that it lay against the boy’s stomach.

“Oooh…” Remus moaned, feeling the cold air hit all the sensitive spots on his body.

“Oh gods… Remus…” Padfoot stared at the sight laid out before him. The person he had wanted more than anyone in the school was bare and ready for him, cock hard and dripping with excitement. His own quivered, and snapping back he quickly removed his own boxers.

Remus let out a gasp and stared. Sirius’ dick was just as solid as his own, pointing straight for Remus as if it already knew what he wanted most. Both boys simply watched the other for a few seconds, reveling in the moment and hesitant about what was to come next at the same time. As if moving of its own accord, Sirius’s body leaned over Remus’ cock, and he gave it a swift lick. Remus’ hips jumped, not expecting the sudden attention.

“Oh yes, Sirius…”

Without the further need of consent, Sirius took Remus’ erection in his hands and began to stroke it slowly. Remus groaned and arched his hips. He had never felt the touch of another person before. It sent all kinds of new sensations through his body, causing him to quiver. Sirius grinned, leaning over again to lick and suckle the head, feeling it throb in his hands.

“Sirius… I-I won’t… last…”

“Shhh…” Sirius cooed. “I won’t let you come yet.” He had more experience in this field, though refused to admit it to anyone. The puppy removed his hand and replaced it with his mouth, sucking in Remus completely.

The werewolf let out a yelp. He thrust his cock further into Sirius’ mouth, loving the wet warmth he was enveloped in. He thought he might come right there, but Sirius used his tongue agonizingly slowly, teasing more than satisfying. He reached down and grabbed Sirius’ hair, wanting to make him go faster, to give him release. Sirius pulled his hand away and kept sliding his tongue all around the rock-hard dick. It pulsed in his mouth, aching almost painfully.

Moony whimpered. He wanted more than this. He didn’t want to come before Sirius was actually inside him. He had to feel Sirius’ cock in him.

“Sirius… want… you…”

Sirius glanced up, slowly pulling his mouth away from its treat. “Patience… I want tonight to last forever. I want you so bad, Remus…” He anxiously ran a finger over Remus’ hole.

The boy jumped and gasped. Sirius did it again, getting the same reaction and feeling Remus quiver under the touch. He winked at the gold eyes staring wide at him and grabbed his wand, which was lying a few feet from where the Truth or Dare party had been fifteen minutes before.

“Lubricatius,” he uttered.

Remus felt a cold sensation cover his hole. He instinctively spread his legs wider. Sirius nodded approvingly and tossed his wand on his bed. He placed two of his own fingers in his mouth and sucked on them, causing Remus to pant a little more. He licked them completely damp.

“Are you ready for me, Remus?” Sirius said in a low, husky voice.

“Gods, YES…” Remus replied, his voice filled with lust.

“Raise your knees for me?”

Remus did as he was told, becoming hornier now that even more of him was being exposed to his new lover. Sirius moaned in appreciation, staring half-lidded at the delicious dessert laid out before him. Remus was all his for the taking.

He carefully pushed a finger against the shivering hole, smiling when Remus arched his back and moaned. He slipped it inside with little difficulty, and began stroking the werewolf’s insides. Remus squirmed, immediately loving the attention.

“More…” He begged quietly.

“This one might hurt a little more, love.”

Sirius slowly added his second finger. Remus groaned in a mixture of pain and pleasure. The puppy took this as a good sign and began to stroke Remus more roughly. Soon he was scissoring his fingers to stretch his writhing lover. Remus kept moaning and soon started to thrust his hips into the air, wanting Sirius’ fingers to go deeper inside him. Sirius pulled his fingers out, satisfied that Remus could now fit his cock.

“Oh Sirius… don’t stop, please don’t stop.”

“The fun has just begun, Moony…” He scooted closer to Remus and rubbed his cock around Remus’ hole, lubing it up.

“Circe… More, Padfoot. I can’t take it anymore. I want you.”

Sirius cocked an eyebrow and smirked at Remus. “What do you want me to do?”

“Sirius, please. Just do it!”

“Do what, Moony?”

“Fuck me!”

Remus was getting frustrated now. He was through being teased. He wanted, needed, Sirius so bad he thought he would surely come the moment Sirius thrust inside him. Sirius grinned wide and went up on his knees. He placed his cock at Remus’ entrance and pushed in slowly. As he felt the heat surround his hard erection, he moaned and let his eyes slip shut.

Remus moaned louder than he had all night. He was finally getting what he wanted. Sirius was taking him, all of him. He pulled his knees up even farther, hoping to expose just a little more and give Sirius everything. He muttered “yes, yes, more, more” over and over again until Sirius was absolutely inside him. Sirius remained still for a moment, taking in everything that was happening around him.

“Padfoot, more!”

He snapped out of his reverie and looked down at Remus. He leaned over and kissed the boy hard. Moony kissed back with just as much fervor, desperate for any and all contact Sirius would give him. He thrust his hips, trying to get Sirius to move in him. The puppy obliged, pulling out of Remus and pushing back in. He did this several times until it was easy for him to move in and out. Padfoot started thrusting faster, placing his hands on Remus’ hips and holding him in place. Moony moaned for more. He took hold of his own cock and stroked himself, needing to touch himself for Sirius.

“Oh gods, Moony. You’re tight…”

“D-do you like it…?”

“Oh YES,” came the growled reply.

Sirius thrust harder, losing himself in the feeling of being inside Remus. He watched Remus’ face as it contorted in pleasure for him. He forced himself to slow down, then came to a complete stop. Remus eyes snapped open.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. I want this to last. Turn over?”

Remus gave a skeptical look but obeyed, turning over on his hands and knees. His cock swayed in the air. Sirius sat up on his knees and repositioned himself.

“I want to see all angles of you before it’s over…” He kissed Remus’ arse on both cheeks. Remus blushed and moaned. He was exactly where he wanted to be, exposed on his knees in front of Sirius. It gave him an odd electrifying feeling to be so bare in front of his lover. It made him hotter than he would ever admit.

Sirius thrust into Moony harder than before, grabbing his hips and angling so that Remus felt the most pleasure with every thrust. He listened to his lover’s cries of “more!” and “yes!” and groaned in a deep pitch, causing the crier to shiver and tighten around his cock. Sirius thrust harder, leaning over Remus to hit the sweet spot inside the boy. His kissed and nibbled the werewolf’s neck. Remus’ shouts only got louder.

Getting bold, Sirius took his hand and placed it in front of Remus’ mouth. Remus immediately sucked in his two middle fingers and rolled his tongue over them.

“Yes, yes, yes, Moony!”

Sirius’ thrusts sped up, and the teenagers created a perfect rhythm between them. Remus sucked harder on Sirius’ fingers, saliva dribbling from his mouth. The next few seconds went by in a haze. Remus shouted Sirius’ name as loud as he could and came hard, spouting all over the floor below him. Sirius buried his cock as deep inside Remus as he possibly could and came, filling Remus completely. He groaned Remus’ name in his lover’s ear. Then they collapsed on the floor in a heap of limbs and sweat.

“Oh Sirius…” Remus said, panting, “Wow…” was all he managed to get out.

Sirius chuckled and kissed Remus deeply. After a few minutes of catching their breath, the boys cleaned themselves off and climbed into Sirius’ bed. Padfoot pulled the curtains around and pulled his new love to him. Moony sighed happily and closed his eyes.

“The best game of Truth or Dare I’ve ever played…” mumbled Sirius, and the boys fell asleep in each others arms.

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