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Well, you've made it this far. Here are the challenges. Everything is fairly self-explanatory. If there's a name beside the challenge, it means it's taken (unless it's in a category where more than one person can claim a challenge). When you've chosen your challenge or challenges, just head on over to the the rules. If you are in need of a beta, I have a list of eleven lovely people who have offered their services. Just check the beta list out here. They're ready and waiting to help you with all your beta-ing needs.

I'd also like to thank all the members of the Celtic MoonStar community for the wonderful challenges they submitted. Many are used in this FQF and I kept some of the other amazing ideas for later phases of this one. Thank you guys all for your awesome, awesome ideas.

And now, the challenges. All challenges that have been striked out (like this) have been taken and cannot be claimed by anyone else. Challenges in red have had one person claim them, so you still have a chance to get in and claim it!

The New Moon Challenges:
One Person Per Challenge
  1. Sirius goes to Remus for advice on asking someone out and Remus explains that just telling the person outright is the best thing to do. Remus just doesn't know that the person Sirius is asking about, is himself. [Claimed by Mysid]
  2. Harry comes to either Sirius/Remus for sex advice [Claimed by LuckilyOtto]
  3. Sirius returns from the veil but has no remembrance of his past as Sirius. [Claimed by Elandae] [Claimed by Rowann] (both claimed as email arrived at the same time)
  4. Padfoot and Moony catch on to things before their human counterparts do. Bonus points if one or the other isn't into men (or doesn't know it yet) [Claimed by Orion]
  5. Remus and Sirius get a great deal on a flat: pretending to be a couple together when they're really just friends... But, when does the pretending end? [Claimed by Neato]
  6. Remus loves chocolate. Remus also loves Sirius. Just how does Sirius exploit this? [Claimed by Orion]
  7. Statue molesting. [Claimed by Avengangle]
  8. Remus never knew that Sirius kept a journal. Just what does he find out when he stumbles upon it? Must be set post-OotP. [Claimed by Allison]
  9. Remus never knew that Sirius kept a journal. Just what does he find out when he stumbles upon it? Must be set after Sirius is sent to Azkaban. [Claimed by Mrs Ron Weasley]
  10. Everyone always believes Remus is the "good boy" of the group. Sirius knows that Remus isn't such the quiet and studious boy after all. [Claimed by Remwolf]
  11. After a very disastrous attempt at cooking, Remus decides to teach Sirius how to cook. [Claimed by Trinity Black]
  12. Remus loves to study. Sirius loves to distract. [Claimed by Zoe] [Claimed by Lah as well due to an email error]
  13. Sirius is actually studying for a change. Who's the distraction now? [Claimed by Maple Tide]
  14. Can Remus find a way to bring Sirius back from beyond the veil? [Claimed by Esinde]
  15. Werewolves do indeed mate for life. Back at Hogwarts, neither Sirius nor Remus knew they were entering into a permanent relationship. Now, Post-Azkaban, Sirius struggles with the fact that, like it or not, he's still in a relationship with Remus and will be for the rest of his life. [Claimed by Doodle]
  16. Mpreg is utterly, completely, absolutely, without any exceptions, impossible--but Sirius and Remus still want a child. They adopt a child/teenager who was infected with lycanthropy and was thereafter abandoned by his/her parents (the only kind of child that a werewolf could legally adopt, according to the Ministry of Magic) [Claimed by Rynne]
  17. Mpreg is utterly, completely, absolutely, without any exceptions, impossible--but Sirius and Remus still want a child. A surrogate mother, who may be impregnated the old-fashioned way (by either of them) or by means of in vitro fertilization. Story must show the problems of acquiring and then bringing up said child. No parent/child incest. [Claimed by Kestrel]
  18. The typical cliche of Gryffinwhore!Sirius. In an effort to convince Remus that Sirius will never be loyal to him exclusively, Snape hexes or gives Sirius a potion that releases ALL his inhibititions. (Extra points if told from Snape's Point of View) [Claimed by bucketofribs]
  19. Marauder Era: A History of Magic assignment causes Sirius to learn a few uncomfortable facts about the Werewolf Registry. [Claimed by Sprky007]
  20. Marauder Era: Muggle Studies isn't entirely accurate, as Remus discovers when he helps Sirius with his homework. [Claimed by Thia]
  21. Remus has a very high libido - how does Sirius cope with this? [Claimed by Madilayn]
  22. When Sirius went to "lay low at Lupin's" he finds evidence that during their first time together, Remus was unfaithful to him. With who, and why. [Claimed by Emily Rugburn]
  23. Enough is Enough! The puppies are sick and tired of Harry being completely oblivious to their relationship. How do they tell him (bonus points if you can involve a third party who is NOT one of the trio!)[Claimed by Rooney]
  24. In a chance to have Peter be the friend he once was, Peter helps play matchmaker in getting Sirius and Remus together. [Claimed by Kait]
  25. Remus the fierce gay bunny and Sirius the pink hare can't get out of their costumes and into each other fast enough. You can decided why they were in the costumes, where they are (the more public, the better) but at the end of the day, this is all about SMUT. [Claimed by Birman] [Claimed by Jest] (both emails arrived at the same time)
  26. "Erotic is using a feather. Kinky is using the whole chicken." [Claimed by Shu-Chan]
  27. The old story of the mating bond is true, but instead of the werewolves being bound, it is only their chosen mate(s) that are. [Claimed by Martinius]
  28. Sirius is hexed so that he's hornier than usual. Remus offers to help. [Claimed by Vixenette]
  29. Post-Azkaban Sirius has to leave the British Isles in order to escape re-capture. Remus goes with him [Claimed by Thistlerose]
  30. Post-OotP, Remus returns to the Department of Mysteries--with a Time-Turner. [Claimed by Eastofedener]
  31. Remus John Lupin met Mrs Black once...under very trying circumstances. [Claimed by Llama]
  32. Sirius is in prison. Remus believes he is guilty. Moony, however, disagrees with Remus. Strenuously. [Claimed by Black]
  33. There was another man in Remus' life during Sirius' incarceration in Azkaban. They parted, for whatever reason. After Remus and Sirius get back together again, Remus' ex returns, and he wants something from Remus (closure, a resumption of their relationship, etc.). [Claimed by Avengangle]

The Full Moon Challenges:
Two People Per Challenge
  1. The original challenge. How did the pups first meet and get together? [Claimed by Sakura] [Claimed by Casey]
  2. At last, Sirius and Remus come out to Harry, but don't get the reaction they were expecting. Just how do they deal with a homophobic Harry. [Claimed by Black] [Claimed by Doodle]
  3. Two men and a shower. [Claimed by Savour] [Claimed by Rochefort]
  4. Sirius is such a tease and Remus decides to show him just who's boss. [Claimed by Lia] [Claimed by Doodle]
  5. The puppies celebrate an anniversary (must be something sweet and something pertaining to them...) [Claimed by Mysid] [Claimed by Corinth]
  6. Joining the "mile high club" (either on the motorcycle or a broom) [Claimed by Losselen] [Claimed by EnchantedOnyx]
  7. Sirius is very bitter after returning from Azkaban. Remus teaches him to love again. [Claimed by Bodge] [Claimed by Rice]
  8. Remus gets quite demanding around the full moon. [Claimed by Marauder] [Claimed by Birman]
  9. Marauder-aged puppies, Divination class and tarot cards. [Claimed by Gehayi] [Claimed by Losselen]
  10. Inappropriate clothing. [Claimed by Jateshi] [Claimed by Minx]
  11. The pups discover Muggle smutty magazines or even good old-fashioned Muggle porn. [Claimed by Remwolf] [Claimed by Jadis31]
  12. One of the pups feels under-appreciated by the other. [Claimed by Katy] [Claimed by Mysid]
  13. Sirius discovers a spell during research that would allow him to make a pact with the old gods, and decides to go through with it. What would he ask for and what the price is for that request is definitely open. [Claimed by Aoibhail] [Claimed by Rhys]

The AU Challenges.
Two people per challenge maximum.
  1. Sirius was the werewolf and Remus was normal human. [Claimed by Kihin Ranno] [Claimed by Relly]
  2. Sirius didn't fall beyond the veil. [Claimed by TenshiAmanda][Claimed by Rhys]
  3. The Marauders never became animagi. [Claimed by Cadessa] [Claimed by Queenie]
  4. The spy for Voldemort was Sirius and not Peter. [Claimed by DC] [Claimed by Corinth]
  5. The spy for Voldemort was really Remus. [Claimed by Courteney] [Claimed by Holly]
  6. Sirius and Remus were in different houses during school. [Claimed by Sprky007] [Claimed by Angie]
  7. Sirius's animagus form wasn't a dog. [Claimed by Seara] [Claimed by Nyn]
  8. Sirius didn't fall through the archway; Remus did. [Claimed by Nolwe] [Claimed by Corporal Katz]

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