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Home of the Fuh-Q-Fest for the ever so adorable (and ever so slashable) puppies, this site is for writers who want to try something new: to choose a challenge or two and write fics surrounding the relationship of the two. The only requirement to any of the stories or art submitted is that each must feature the Sirius/Remus pairing in one way or another. After that, there is no limit to what you can write about.

What's the purpose of this Fuh-Q-Fest? Well, like the other ones around, we're here to write about the puppies in what is probably the most likely canon ship aside from James and Lily. (Hey, you've seen the subtext too, otherwise you wouldn't be here). So, write about anything you want. A first time getting together story, or something Post-OotP. It's up to you (and the challenges of course).

Things are just starting to get underway here, so just hang tight and watch the website for more details. There's also an LJ-based community for news and other happenings on the site. As of right now, the plan is to have the Challeneges posted by the beginning of May (around the 7th is the tentative date at the present) and the FQF will then begin. After all, what better time to write fanfiction then during the summer?

If you have challenges you'd like to submit yourself, post them in the community and they will be taken into consideration for the next phase (which I would like to run around christmas with a christmas-y theme).

So, sit back and browse around the site, and hope to see you all in May when the FQF will be open for business!

08 Aug 04- Well, even though the main page hasn't been updated doesn't mean the site hasn't been hopping! We now have sixteen fics and artwork pieces up on the site for your viewing pleasure and still have a month to go with the first wave! So, keep those submissions coming in and remember to keep a watch on the LJ community for all up-to-the minute news!
28 June 04- Fiction is beginning to be posted on the site, and thus far we have four lovely fics posted. Go check them out and let the authors know what you think! And, if you've claimed a challenge, now's the time to start turning them in!
09 June 04- Well, the list has been updated and there is ONE CHALLENGE LEFT. There's an announcement in the community, but will also be posted here. Someone claims that last challenge, fics can be submitted now and I'll start posting them immediately. Again, thanks so much to everyone for this already being a success.

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