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The Challenges

The Participants

If you've made it this far, you're ready for the challenges! If you're seeing this page, then challenges are open for claiming until the 30th of April. Hopefully, there's a little something for everyone in this round of challenges.

Challenges are given out on a first come, first serve basis. I go in order of emails I've received and I'll do my best to accomodate everyone. I suggest giving back up claims, just in case your first choice has been taken. This page will be updated at least once daily with the current list of holds.

The Key
The challenge has this font -- means that one person has claimed it.
The challenge has this font -- means that two people have claimed it.
The challenge has this font -- means that the maximum number of people that can claim a challenge have claimed it.

We good? Good. Onto the challenges. And also, please don't forget to browse through the rules one last time before submitting your claim!

The Full Moon Challenges:
Three People Per Challenge

The new challenges for the wave. And if something doesn't strike your fancy, keep scrolling through! I'm sure you'll find something you like!!

  1. After a very disastrous attempt at cooking, Remus decides to teach Sirius how to cook. (claimed by: inksheddings, koshweasley, werewolf_lib)
  2. Remus discovers a spell during research that would allow him to make a pact with the old gods, and decides to go through with it. What would he ask for and what the price is for that request is definitely open. (claimed by: jacen, mindabbles, oddsbobs)
  3. There was another man in Remus' life during Sirius' incarceration in Azkaban. They parted, for whatever reason. After Remus and Sirius get back together again, Remus' ex returns, and he wants something from Remus (closure, a resumption of their relationship, etc.). (claimed by: thescarletwoman, werewolf_lib)
  4. The destruction of the final horcrux has some very interesting side-effects.
  5. Post-OotP, Remus returns to the Department of Mysteries--with a Time-Turner.
  6. Sirius is actually studying for a change. Who's the distraction now? (claimed by: minnie, shadow)
  7. Marauder Era: Traditionally, other animals are terrified of werewolves, some attacking them in a panicked frenzy. Assuming this is true, how does Remus deal with Care of Magical Creatures class...and with the animals native to the Forbidden Forest on full moon nights?
  8. Sirius and Remus, either at school or post-Azkaban, have an unpleasant encounter with Dolores Umbridge. (claimed by: sopdetly)
  9. Sirius isn't particularly pleased when their DADA professor classes werewolves with the undead, and sets out to disprove that theory.
  10. After casting a spell to stop her from screaming, Sirius and Remus each have a conversation with the portrait of Mrs Black. (claimed by: luana)
  11. A ghost--either a literal ghost or a metaphorical one--has to be exorcised by one or both of them. (claimed by: danielle, jacen, zeldadestry)
  12. It's their first Christmas together at Twelve Grimmauld Place, and Sirius wants to give Remus something special. (Besides himself, that is.) (claimed by: tresa_cho)
  13. Sirius, as Padfoot, is picked up as a stray. (claimed by: kasche, pridefulpenguin, spirit)
  14. Seduction. One seduces the other: how, when, where and why? (claimed by jade_maxwell)
  15. An explanation for why you never say "If you can drink me under the table, you can do whatever you want to with my body" before a drinking competition. It could range from minor confessions of love to anything within reason. (claimed by: branwyhn, calico_jynx, jade_maxwell, melanie)
  16. Remus comes out to Sirius. (claimed by: katekintail, marauder, pridefulpenguin)
  17. A dream can be a wonderful thing.
  18. AU: What if Sirius really was the spy for Voldemort? (claimed by: gehayi, serenity)
  19. Breakfast in bed. (claimed by: katekintail, tresa_cho)
  20. Just when did the pups get together?

Old Challenges Revisited:
Two People Per Challenge

If these challenges look slightly familiar... you're exactly right. These are some of the challenges from earlier waves, challenges that were claimed but never got fic/art or challenges that were never claimed to begin with. It's a last chance to give these challenges a good home!

  1. In Azkaban, Sirius reflects on the past and what he lost.
  2. The pups give the sex talk to Harry. (claimed by: spirit)
  3. Sirius fell beyond the veil two years ago. Remus swears he sees him nightly in corperal form and many of the other Order members are beginning to suspect that Remus is cracking up. Has Sirius really returned or is the figure just a figment of Remus's imagination? (claimed by: isidore, werewolf_lib)
  4. Remus has a very high libido - how does Sirius cope with this?
  5. Sirius is in prison. Remus believes he is guilty. Moony, however, disagrees with Remus. Strenuously.
  6. At last, Sirius and Remus come out to Harry, but don't get the reaction they were expecting. Just how do they deal with a homophobic Harry. (claimed by: shadow)
  7. In a chance to have Peter be the friend he once was, Peter helps play matchmaker in getting Sirius and Remus together.
  8. Remus John Lupin met Mrs Black once...under very trying circumstances. (claimed by: marauder)
  9. Marauder Era: A History of Magic assignment causes Sirius to learn a few uncomfortable facts about the Werewolf Registry.
  10. When Sirius falls through the veil, he doesn't die, but rather lives in a parallel universe where Remus did, at the battle in the Department of Mysteries. Whether he gets back or not is up to you. (claimed by: oddsbobs)

The Spring/Summer Challenges:
Two People Per Challenge

Revisiting the theme from the last fest, I liked the theme of Spring and Summer too much to let it die. Don't worry, I've got a brilliant idea for the next wave!

  1. Just why does Remus J Lupin like spring so much? (claimed by: arielle)
  2. Summer Holidays! The Marauders decide to take a trip to Brighton over the summer. There's just one catch: James and Peter don't know about a relationship between Sirius and Remus. (claimed by: llpotter, texmas)
  3. When the pups graduate from Hogwarts, Remus naturally assumed they would be moving into a flat together. Graduation comes and Sirius has already gotten a flat; for himself. (claimed by: katekintail)
  4. It's time for the end of the year exams and Remus has his nose buried in a book as always. Sirius begins to employ a few... unconventional ways to get him to stop studying.
  5. After seven long years at Hogwarts the boys are finally graduating. It's an open-ended fic, but it must centre somehow on a relationship between the two.
  6. Remus and Sirius celebrate Beltaine the traditional way.
  7. Rainy spring afternoons and subsequent puddle-jumping. (claimed by: arielle, mimbulus)
  8. For the first time in his life, Sirius has to work over the summer and he's not happy about it.
  9. Summers have always been the hardest for Remus.
  10. Graduation shouldn't be such a scary thing, but Remus is petrified.
  11. Sunburns.
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