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Links to some fanfiction sites as well as general information regarding the Harry Potter world and the world of slash.

General Information

The Harry Potter Lexicon - We can't start out a list of HP links without the Lexicon. Wonderful for getting those last little details without having to search through your books.

Dictionary.com - A writer's best friend, or should be. Use it and love it and it will always love you in return.
Thesarus.com - Okay... so a writer should have TWO best friends. The thesarus is the other one.
Swearsaurus - Need to swear in another language? Okay... don't know how in handy this will come, but I love the site, so it's being listed.
Britspeak - A nice American-British Slang dictionary.
Slang Dictionary - Another nice slang dictionary, only this one is searchable.
Moon Calendar - Need to know what day was a full moon in April of 1976? Just imput it into the box and get the full lunar calendar for whatever month in whatever year you need.
Minotaur's Sex Tips for Slash Writers - Everything you wanted to know about writing slash... here it is. All the way from foreplay through sex, this site has everything you need. Warning though, there are graphic pictures on the site. Enter at your own risk.

Puppy and Other Slash Archives

Azkaban's Lair - No further explaination needed.
remusxsirius - Live Journal Community.
Dark Side of the Moon - A wonderful Marauder Slash archive, not limited to just the puppies. (And, they even have some of my works there. [/shameless plug])
FictionAlley - Loaded with wonderful fics in the categories of Novel Length (Schnoogle), Romance (Astronomy Tower), Angst (The Dark Arts), and Humour (Ridikkulus).
Howl Kingdom - Archive site of the loffley Mrs Ron Weasley. Check it out as her stuff is REALLY worth taking a look at.
Losselen's Site - Features the writing of Losselen. Fiction from all sorts of genres, not just Harry Potter.
Minx's Stories - Have to have Minx's stories listed here. If you haven't read them... go do so now as they're amazing.
Miss M's Brushes - A link to the gal who designed the beautiful brushes used on the splash page.
The Restricted Section - Fulfill your smut needs here. You must be a member to view the stories, but it's a simple registration to do so.

You're also more then welcome to submit links to me. I'll put them up here. ^.^

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