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The FAQs

Most of these are the same, but they have been updated as I had a few questions throughout the run of the first phase, so, see the new answers!

Where am I?
You're at your computer. Possibly at your desk or in your bedroom, or a den... or... Seriously though (and, no pun intended) you're at the new home of the Sirius/Remus Fuh-Q-Fest.

A Fuh-Q-Fest? What's that? *pause* This is about sex isn't it?
What isn't about sex anymore? The simple answer is the FQF is designed for authors to write and explore the potential (or established) relationship between Sirius and Remus. And, no, just because the word relationship is used, it isn't all about sex. Fiction of any rating is welcomed to the FQF as are all genres of fiction... all the ficts on here don't have to be smut PWP. There's no limit to what you can write or what the ratings are. (Please see the rules for the rules regarding more explicit fiction.)

Ooh... I see a challenge I like, what do I do?
Just email me at submit@forgiving-eyes.net and I'll update the site that your challenge has been claimed by you. All you have left to do is write and send it back to me.

So, I have this fic that I wrote a while ago, can I use it?
The rules say no, and I'll restate it here. Since OotP came out, it seems there's been a slight decline in fanfiction regarding the puppies. This FQF is designed to bring some life back to the pairing so I request that all fiction is new. Of course, I won't track and hunt you down if you use a previously written fic. But, if you do, what's the point of taking part in the challenge?

I like the challenges, but I can't write to save my life. I can draw though, are drawings acceptable?
Of course! I love seeing fan art of the puppies and I know other people do as well. Claiming and submitting of fanart follows the same guidelines as fanfiction. However, all submissions must be in a .jpg or .jpeg format.

If the file is over 1MB, it will be reduced to take pity on the poor people who have to use dialup (like myself this summer). Fanart can be in colour or grayscale and can be as clean or as smutty as you want. Any art that is not worksafe (ie, art you couldn't view at work with a boss, co-worker, or seven year old looking over your shoulder) will bear a warning.

Do Sirius and Remus have to be paired together?
What a question... of course they... *pause* To answer this without ranting. No, they don't HAVE to be paired together but, there's a catch. As this IS a Sirius/Remus FQF the only way a pairing other than Sirius/Remus will be accepted is if there is or was a relationship between them at some point and that relationship is the main point of the story.

Do I HAVE to use a beta?
Uh oh... someone didn't read the rules. The answer to this is Abso-fecking-lutely. Unless you are so proficient in writing and no one can tell if you use one or not (in otherwords, can write well and know how to use a spell-checker) then, if you don't tell we won't know. But, I can't stress how important that your fics be well written: including proper useage of spelling and grammar. I don't care if you mix spellings of American English and British English in your fics (as I do that quite often myself), just spell things correctly. In other words, use a fecking beta. Thank you.

So, when are the fics due by? That way I know how long I can procrastinate.
Ah... a person after my own heart. The last date I'll accept fics, unless you make prior arrangements with me, is January 9th.

Will you still post my fic even if I don't talk to you?
Yes, I will... but I'd really prefer that you just let me know if you can't get it done on time. Honestly, I'm a nice person and I don't bite. Ask anyone who's talked to me. I'm really open about the whole deadline thing as all I care about is getting as many fics hosted on the site as humanly possible. So, even if you don't get it done by the deadline, still send it in, and I'll post it. Scout's honour.

Can I link to you?
Need you ask? The answer to that is YES! Pimpage is good, so promote the site wherever you can. Your own personal journal, other fandom sites, your own... any advertisement we get is good. Banners will be up soon. All I ask with the banners is to be uploaded to your own site so as to not steal my bandwidth.

Is there a length requirement?
Well... Drabbles really aren't accepted. Make it a decent length, that's all I can say. But, what's a decent length is up to you. Say, around 1000 words perhaps? Just... a decent length.

How long is too long?
There is no such thing as a fic that's too long, at least, in my opinion. But, I'm the gal who for my Music History class is unable to write our small 250 word essays and usually ends up going over by at least 100 words. So, there's no maximum length for these fics. None, whatsoever.

You say you want them submitted in HTML formatting. *blinks* What's that?
If you don't know how to format in HTML, just let me know... and I'll do it. Again, this is one of those things where just talk to me and I'll take care of you. Aren't I a nice mod?

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